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I’m a woman who lives life to the fullest and I try to make the best of every day. I have a few secrets to share on VIP Discoveries that have helped me keep myself young and refreshed day by day. I have a few new beauty routines that I have been accommodating in my calendar progressively to stay healthy and keep my skin glowing every day.

My skin recently had some changes and I started to develop some allergies from a renowned cosmetic brand that I was using for at least a decade, very specifically with the foundation, concealer and pressed powder. My skin became very sensitive to the makeup I was wearing. I developed some rashes on my face in certain areas where I was applying the makeup and those areas felt burning, itchy and became scaly. I even developed dermatitis for several months and I was beyond frustrated.  I had loved this the top brand for many years not only because of the makeup itself but the fact that the makeup artist at the retail store was usually very nice and well trained to give you the best customer service and perfect product to fit your needs. This cosmetic brand I had been using was long-lasting and easy to blend, but unfortunately, I had to say goodbye to my long-lasting friend.

Since my allergy was getting worse and after several trips to my dermatologist, I decided to make some major changes in my beauty routine and started testing different brands  like “cruelty-free.”  I discovered Real Purity available on my Amazon List click HERE.

I ordered online from Real Purity: The cream foundation, concealer duo shade, pressed powder and Anti-Aging Dragon Fruit Facial Cream.

Here is how I applied my makeup. I love contouring my face with the different shades of makeup.

My experience with the “Cream Foundation” is fantastic and I never thought I was going to find a long-lasting foundation again that I did with Real Purity. Real Purity has several decades in the US and is one of the first mineral make-ups on the market. Real Purity Health Glow Cream Foundation is so easy to apply and has a very natural look ideal for natural makeup lovers. My skin looks even and the foundation doesn’t clog my pores. I like to use contouring and I ordered the Sand Beige tone. It’s so amazing!

FullSizeRender 149

My experience with the “Concealer Duo” shade has left me without a doubt that it is a lovely addition. The coverage is so perfect because it hides unsightly blemishes and skin discolorations with Real Purity’s Disguise System, a concealer so gentle on your skin that it works even for a more irritable skin. The due shade concealer covered perfectly under my eyes and I was very impressed. I learned by reading the ingredients that they simultaneously heal the skin underneath with powerful antioxidant properties. All Real Purity Concealers have Vitamin K that works to eliminate skin discolorations, while vitamin E from sunflower oil protects your face from further damage from the sun.

My experience with the “Pressed Powder:” I love to give my makeup a perfect matte appearance and the pressed powder from Real Purity gives me the flawless finishing and the medium shade is ideal to complement my skin. I love the ingredients used in the pressed powder since they are non-irritating and light but provide an excellent coverage.

FullSizeRender 151

My experience with the “Anti-Aging Dragon Fruit Facial Cream.” I have been using the cream before my makeup.  I really enjoy the texture, consistency and how my face feels after applying the product. Since it is winter time I have been applying the cream before my makeup. The Paraben-free formula of this cream is beyond compare and formulated with primarily natural ingredients. The Dragon fruit extract reverses signs of aging by slowing down cell proliferation that gives cells more time to develop their protective functions. It also protects skin from exposure to free radicals caused by sun exposure. I really love the sun protection of the anti-aging. Aloe vera extract, mango butter, and babassu essential oil soothe inflamed skin and trap moisture without clogging pores. Tomato fruit extract fights free radicals to heal dry and damaged skin, reducing signs of aging and leaving you with an even glow.

FullSizeRender 150

I feel so fortunate of being able to find the ideal beauty product that is “cruelty-free” and complements the changes my skin has been experiencing. I can say that I have found one of the green leader products made in the USA.

I want my readers to get to know about natural and nontoxic beauty solutions and grow green with you all. What you put in our bodies is reflected on the outside but we must know it’s also important to put safe products on our skin and face.

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Thank you for reading,

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