Syd + Pia – ‘Valentine’s Day and New York Fashion Week 2018’

I have been always a jewelry obsessed woman and I have a special love for handcrafted jewelry because I love art, creativity, and originality. I discovered the artistic handcrafted work of Syd + Pia based in Brooklyn NYC, the city’s new hip place. I love Syd + Pias concept and their finely detailed artistic handcrafted work. The brand of  Syd + Pia is a quintessential metal-based brand that embodies the stylish lifestyle in downtown New York City from current modern trendy pieces to an antique aesthetic of exotic cultures. Syd + Pia has unique and clean designs that entice the fashion lovers like me to capture the personal image and appearance we want to project in the magnificent world of fashion.  Valentine’s Day and the New York Fashion Week 2018 are approaching. NYFW is from February 8 – February 16so make sure you have the most trendy handcrafted accessories to allure the street fashion photographers in NYC during NYFW.

I’m wearing the “Medium Oval Orb Post Earrings” and gorgeous orbital choker from Syd + Pia. Shown in the pictures are handcrafted pieces with a sculptural oval hoop that elegantly accentuates your earlobes. Show off this style by keeping your hair swept away from your face, or make it a focal point by tucking your hair behind your ears. The posts are sterling silver or gold plated. I wore this piece in Los Angeles, California during a ‘Black Dress’ Golden Globes reception hosted by a well-known celebrity in LA. I felt so inspired at the party by the powerful energy of the handcrafted jewelry created by the creative director Fernanda who is the creative force behind the conceptual process of Syd + Pia. I learned that Fernanda’s inspirations of the handcrafted jewelry are the intrinsic evocation of the places she has seen, the people she has read about, or the art she has completed. Fernanda has over twenty years of accessories experience. She uses her experience to create the very principle of  Syd + Pia which is accessorized the cosmopolitan woman of all shapes and sizes. Syd + Pia proudly handcraft each piece with craftsmanship and care.


FullSizeRender 48

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I also learned that Syd + Pia has been featured in several publications, including Vogue India (2017), Vogue Taiwan (2017),  InStyle (2016), Elle Canada (2017), Nylon Mexico (2017), Harper’s Bazaar Turkey (2016), Elle Vietnam (2016), Elle USA, LadyGunn, L’Officiel, Raine Magazine, El Diario NY, WOR Radio 710 AM, Joan Hamburg’s Bridal Show, and the Dominican newspaper, El Caribe and more.

FullSizeRender 68

Most of Syd + Pia pieces are handmade to ensure the highest quality construction, while some are cast. The casted pieces are made out of 100% recycled brass metal, or sterling silver for some. The handmade pieces have a unique appeal. Each piece is a little different from the other making it special in its own way. It is up to you to treat your Syd + Pia piece properly so it can remain in good condition. The materials sterling silver or 14k gold filled.

FullSizeRender 71

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I love feeling fabulous and I want to bring romance in 2018. We need to love ourselves more and enjoy our own company. I have enjoyed fashion since I was a little girl. “Dreams change, trends come and go, but friendship never goes out of style as we need to be our own best friends.


I had a great time during my brief visit to Los Angeles last week with my black little dress and my gold jewelry from Syd + Pia , all women at the reception we were wearing black at a ‘Golden Globes reception after party’ for a powerful reason since it has been a difficult year for actresses in Hollywood. I particularly wore black because I liked it. I still do and wearing it still means something to me. It’s a symbol of rebellion against a stagnant status quo, time’s Up!

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