Standards & Practices – “Ginger Two Toned Antique Wash Crossover Halter Jumper” Spring 2018

I attended SXSW 2018 in Austin-TX from March 9th to15th, 2018. As you may already know, I’m an entertainment journalist. I worked super hard during the festival and even more after the festival. Since fashion is part of my active lifestyle I decided to bring the inclusive fashion line of Standards & Practices to SXSW 2018.  Standards & Practices has free shipping and returns on orders $50+ sign up for 25% off in your first order.
 I really enjoy the clothing from Standards & Practices. I attended a press conference which was scheduled at the new and luxury hotel Fairmont in Austin Texas where I wore the ravishing and practical “Ginger Two Toned Antique Wash Crossover Halter Jumper” that has a two-toned antique wash cross over a halter jumper with an elastic waist and ankle detail. It has a silky feel and is ultra comfortable to wear. I felt so eclectic with it. The line of Standards & Practices is modern and the new arrivals and denim collection are really crafted to complement all body types and ages. Denim is very trendy for spring 2018 and it is a must-have piece for this spring.
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I complimented my dress with a white fur coat and white fur shoes. I saw many heads turning around to check my look at the hotel. I looked very delightful with my Ginger Two Toned Antique Wash Crossover Halter Jumper. The material is light and eco-chic and I was very excited when I ordered the Jumper since you know I’m a big fan of natural beauty products.   Standards & Practices is a pioneer brand committed to embracing green initiatives in manufacturing their innovative designs. If you like my look you are welcome to purchase through my amazon influencer list HERE or through their web page Standards & Practices.
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I’m going to buy my adorable mom for “mother’s day” one of the lovely piece of the denim collection from Standards & Practices they have rompers, jumpers, jackets, jeans, crop tops and a huge variety of dresses (Maxi dresses, Midi dresses and mini).
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