LG – Watch W7 Smartwatch 44.5mm Stainless Steel- Christmas Gift for Him

I have been looking for a unique smartwatch for a gift for my husband and came across the LG W7 Smartwatch.  It’s a combination of the analog and digital world that accomplishes this by adding a pair of analog mechanical hands above the LCD screen.  The watch is masculine in appearance and size with a 44.5mm crown, but it dresses up well to wear out at night to a fancy party or formal dinner.  The analog hands visibly stand out and work as a regular watch when the display is off and will continue to tell time after the display and data features run out of battery, which lasts a day.


The watch uses Google WearOS and has the most basic smartwatch type of features, like WiFi, fitness tracking, alerts (when paired to your phone which must be nearby), access to the Google Play Store that has apps tailored to WearOS.  The watch by itself does not have a heart rate monitor, cellular connectivity, or built-in GPS, which could be a disadvantage considering the price. One quirk about the watch is the analog hands sometimes interfere with reading text on the screen, but the watch has a clever feature activated by pushing the top button that moves the hands to 9am and 3pm and shifts the screen up a bit to allow you to read text that was previously blocked by the hands.



The finish of the watch is nice and very attractive with a stainless steel bezel and the crown is very attractive and looks more luxurious than most smartwatches.  The band is made of a black rubber that is very comfortable and has a nice textured sort of cross-hatched finish to it.


IMG_0829My husband has been enjoying wearing his LG W7 Smartwatch so far and tells me that its fun to play with some of the apps like the stopwatch and built-in compass that work with the analog hands that move around to show the time or compass direction.   The movement of the hands that work along with the display is a neat feature.



The watch is definitely for someone that is looking for something different and more dressy than the usual smartwatch.


If you are looking for a very unique watch for Christmas or Valentine, this is the perfect gift for him! BUY IT NOW HERE
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