“Dating Advice” from Yenis Monterrey – Valentine’s day 2019 with ” Standards and Practices” Buy 1 Item, Get 1 Item 50%

Hello gorgeous! I have been off my blog, but I’m back on track. I was sick for the most part of January, but I started the month of February full of energy and so ready to share my love for the brands I love.

I’m featuring on this blog two of my favorite dresses from “Standards and Practices ” *Valentine’s Day Sale is on now! Buy 1 Item, Get 1 Item 50% Off when you apply promo code LOVEIT50 at checkout. Exclusions Apply. Not combinable with other promo codes. Ends 2/18/19

I feel the necessity to share some love advice for many of the lovely goddesses readers. I know how difficult could be the game of dating whether if you have been introduced by friends, attending social gatherings, and mainly with the era of online dating. I know for sure that could be very challenging. I have heard a lot of stories from talented and beautiful women all ages about how much they struggle on finding Mr. Right. The dynamic of dating obviously is like a hunting game for me, dating apps are available for everyone and yes, there is plenty of fish in the sea for men and women. We are hunting each other with the dating game v.s hookups, I’m sure there are people out there that are using apps or dating sites just for the pleasure of hunting. I’m going to give to my lovely female readers some red flags on what to look on the candidate they are dating. First at all let me give you a big piece of advice, there are several men that workout really hard to become more attractive, dominant, ad sexually forward, and in consequence unquestionably you need to be very careful with this kind of men who are often labeled as “players and “pick-up artists” they are only in the game of dating to fulfill their short-term sexual needs, so WATCH OUT! And run as fast as you can, unless you are looking for a short term hookup. Another red flag is a man who is overly concerned about the way he looks and his material status most of this kind of man doesn’t have room to value you.  You need to maintain healthy boundaries with the person you are dating, pay attention to how he treats you, If something bothers you, please speak up.




I want you to remember that will love to find you when you least expect it. You need first to love yourself with all your heart, don’t lose yourself in a relationship.



I must admit I’m in love with myself right now at my age. I wake up each morning giving myself so much love because when I was younger and mostly during my teen years I used to be so hard on myself, comparing myself with other girls, feeling unhappy about my body shape, hair, and skin! I wish I could have had a mother like me when I was a teen. I had a mother who didn’t offer me the confidence and affirmations I needed to feel happy about my look, but she didn’t know better! Sometimes we are tough on ourselves because we didn’t have a role model, counselor or guide who could probably raise our self-esteem during our childhood or teen years! I was so tough at myself and I bet many of you are. As I started growing up I have to learn to love myself each day. That why I created this blog to inspire my readers to love yourself. There are many solutions for you from beauty to fashion. I share here all the brands I love, trust and seeing results!


I have been sharing my two favorite outfits for the love season and spring with “Standards & Practices” this brand have been featured on Cosmopolitan, People StyleWatch, Popsugar, Latina, PlusModel and more. Did you know that this brand is also available in Plus size. You can buy sizes from 0-12 and 12-22. Isn’t it amazing? I love Standards & Practices because I like to keep my wardrobe on-trend and on-budget and eco-chic.


This week during fashion week you will be able to see tons of designs available on the Standards & Practices and Amazon Webpage. What am I wearing? Etsy Wrap Over Flared Sleeves Tiered Skirt With Velvet Trim Dress “The tiered knee-length prairie dress featuring flared sleeves and a wrap crossover bodice. The dress is crafted gorgeous teal blue floral paisley. The neckline and waist are trimmed with black lace for an extra romantic touch.




I’m also wearing the Kumiko Denim Bird Print Back Short Sleeve Kimono Duster Jacket, this kimono is really astonishing I get tons of comments when I’m wearing it. Each time I wear this kimono I feel I’m wearing a top designer kimono, elegant, trendy and it’s so perfect right now from winter to spring!




You can BUY RIGHT NOW my LOOK  on by clicking AMAZON  the images below or by clicking my INSTAGRAM  @yenismonterrey  or Pinterest take a screenshot of my picture and use the app LIKEtoKnow.it and shop the products featured with the screenshots. AMAZING isn’t it? technology.

https://plantaceacbd.com/SamsClub.comYelloow Beauty
Diamond Hemp


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