Goddess Provisions Box – Available Boxes Online 2019

I’m so grateful for all the wonderful things in life. I’m alive and I’m grateful for my body from head to toe. I have realized over the years that our bodies are our temples and we need to nurture our bodies and minds, starting from self-love to self-care.

I have been a huge fan of Goddess Provisions because this box diversifies all my needs because each month this box brings happiness to my body and soul. I know that with each box I receive I’m getting the tools to connect with my interior (spiritual) and external (beauty) being. You can buy the box HERE

Buy HERE The Cosmic Connection Box”

I have gotten amazing products with the monthly subscription of Goddess Provisions and each time I receive a box I feel very excited about it because each month I get inspired with all the new themes. I have always been spiritual and I have been practicing yoga. The Goddess Provisions Box makes me feel energetic and in tune with my life and the universe.

Buy HERE “The Sacred Geometric Box”

If you are a yoga practitioner, enjoy astrology, reiki, and are engaged with the law of attraction this box is a spiritual calling for you to empower your passions, love yourself, and become a better person each day.

Buy HERE “The Earth Alchemy Box”

The Goddess Provision Box opens the gate for you to learn, enjoy, and revitalize your body, soul, and spirit with crystals, aromatherapy, organic and natural beauty treatments, spiritual growth tools, superfood snacks, teas and a lot more. Each time I open a box I receive something unexpected or something I need for my body or spirit. They are all full-size products 5 to 7

You can buy only one box month to month, or prepaid three, six or twelve months.

Let me share with you my favorite boxes available to buy right now online and videos. Buy your Goddess Provisions box here.

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