Discover Atlas – Upscale Crossover at an Affordable Price

Volkswagen is a German word that means “people’s car” that authentically represents its spirit in the real world. Embarking on the journey of buying a new car as a united family can become a fascinating adventure. Volkswagen ’s all-new three-row crossover is finally here with the compelling name “Atlas” that represents the Greek God who bore the sky aloft and personifies the quality of endurance.IMG_1801IMG_1804VIP Discoveries took a trip to a Volkswagen car dealer to test drive the new VolkswagenAtlas” and it genuinely took us by surprise to find out a crossover designed to make us feel upscale, stylish, and most of all chic-trendy. After testing the vehicle all of us felt good, comfortable, and energized. The panoramic sunroof is extremely appealing to us because we enjoy the sunny days and fresh air as a family. The sunroof extends almost over the length of all three rows and everyone inside the crossover enjoyed the fabulous and epic view that felt like we were riding in a convertible.IMG_1797The “Atlas” feels more comfortable and spacious than most crossover vehicles because of its third row of seats which are comfortable and easy to climb into. If you are adventurous and enjoy the company of a big family and friends “Atlas” will transport seven people in style. In addition, it offers a safeguard for your investment with comfort and protection accessories with a huge variety of high-tech options. From muddy feet to sticky treats, fitted floor mats and seat covers help kid proof your cabin while splashing guards, hood deflectors, and paint protection film protect the inside and outside. You can order many accessories such as side window deflectors, a roadside assistance kit, aluminum side rails, custom sun shields, rear seat covers, a first aid kit, tinted hood deflectors, paint protection film, custom car covers, a luggage privacy cover, a heavy duty trunk liner with extended seat back cover, cargo blocks, a universal tablet holder, a rear bumper protection plate, and a luggage net.IMG_1811Atlas” makes certain you make a big impression with its wheels that can be upgraded. Volkswagen wheels are one of their most recognizable trademarks, and you can choose a set of 18” or 20” wheels and help keep them secure with a set of locking wheel bolts.

Did we mention Volkswagen  accessories that can carry large items attached to the rear and on the top? Items such as snowboards, surfboards, kayaks, and bicycles can be attached above or hitch-mounted to the rear of the vehicle and have their own place with “Atlas“. Volkswagen  also provides a set of base carrier bars with a lot of attachments that includes an urban loader or cargo box if you are planning a road trip.

The “Atlas” is equipped with non-stop entertainment from a touchscreen sound system that brings your environment your favorite soundtracks and if you wish to add the unique sound of Fender Premium Audio System” you will be conquering the roads.  IMG_1794If you are a millennial or your act like one, with “Atlas” you will have the whole experience of technical innovation vs safety for your peace of mind. You will have a wide range of driver assistance features that will help you feel more secure and self-sufficient. We always need extra help while driving especially when we don’t have a copilot with us or sometimes when we are distracted or under the weather. Here are a few options:  Pedestrian spot monitor, blind spot monitor, rear traffic alert, adaptive cruise control, park distance control, parking steering assistant, lane departure warning, overhead view camera, and high beam control. The technology offered by “Atlas” makes a substantial statement to help you stay safe with design features such as a safety cage, seven stability enhancing systems, intelligent crash response system, and an automatic post-collision braking system.

Finally, we need to mention the transferable New Vehicle Limited Warranty for 6yr or 72K mi, whichever occurs first.IMG_1808VIP Discoveries has fallen in love at the first sight with “Atlas” because the exterior of the vehicle is elegant and the interior is made with high-quality materials. We love driving as well as being passengers in the “Atlas” and plan on using it for traveling and discovering the world with enthusiasm. The price starts at just over $31,000 and reaches up to $50,000.


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