‘The 2017 Tesla Model X- Midsize SUV Crossover of your Dreams’

The car of the future is here and the ‘2017 Tesla Model X’ represents boldness, prestige, and speed that creates a near fully autonomous car. Self-driving cars are expected to be much safer than human-driven ones and the future is heading in that direction. The idea of having a fuel efficient, zero emission vehicle that uses high-tech electronics and software to assist drivers in a variety of ways is finally tangible with Tesla, as the company has been taking a more dynamic and hasty approach by adding semi-autonomous features with the last year’s software update. The main idea is that over time as the car’s software is updated, they will get better at driving.

2017 Tesla Model X. Photo: VIP Discoveries

Tesla Model X has a driving range from 237 to 295 miles depending on the battery of your preference and is capable of accelerating from zero to 60 miles per hour in 2.9 seconds, when the car is engaged with the “Ludicrous” driving mode, where the acceleration feels smooth, sophisticated, and with supersonic speed.

2017 Tesla Model X. Photo: VIP Discoveries- VIP Discoveries Team.-

Our VIP Discoveries team took a test drive with the P100D which is the newest X model and replaces the discontinued P90D. We were wondering what the P stands for and we learned that indicates the vehicle is equipped with the high-performance, all-wheel-drive package. The D means it is equipped with dual motors, fore, and aft that provide driving power to all four wheels.

2017 Tesla Model X. Photo: VIP Discoveries- VIP Discoveries Team.-

 Our experience as a VIP Discoveries family was like traveling forward in time with the ‘2017 Tesla Model X ‘as we rode inside the safest SUV in production and the first one to ever achieve 5-star safety ratings in each category and sub-category. The 2017 Tesla Model X has the lowest rollover risk of any SUV on the road, and incredible side impacts protection that made us feel unbelievably secure while driving it, since the safety features provide visibility beyond what the driver can see alone. Can you imagine having an SUV with eight surround cameras that allow you to have a 360-degree vision around the car while driving?  Model X also has one of the most advanced radars capable of detecting surrounding objects and seeing through heavy rain, fog, and dust to detect surrounding vehicles in advance. The visibility in every direction assists you while driving and can prevent you from having a fatal accident. The car has twelve updated ultrasonic sensors that complement the radar vision that allows for detection of both hard and soft objects. Model X is designed to keep you alive in case of an accident with the lowest probability of having injuries and the highest impact protection.  Can you also imagine having a car that gets better with time? The Model X gets better over time since the vehicle has over the air software updates designed to optimize and upgrade the technology.

2017 Tesla Model X. Photo: VIP Discoveries

Have you heard before about having air quality control inside your car? Model X has a Medical-grade HEPA filtration system that is designed to prevent viruses and bacteria from entering the cabin as well as provide positive cabin pressure to keep out dust and contaminants. In addition to the air quality control, there is Cabin Overheat Protection for your kids and pets. Since Tesla first priority is safety, Model X has overheat protection that keeps the car at a safe temperature that works even when the car is off.

2017 Tesla Model X. Photo: VIP Discoveries- Falcon Wing Doors

 There is nothing can make the Model X more inviting and provocative than its revolutionary rear Falcon Wing doors. They give an undoubtedly sexy and powerful presence to the SUV and not only make the car look futuristic and innovative, they also enhance the accessibility to the second and third rows. Surprisingly the doors are capable of opening in even the tightest parking spaces with only a foot of clearance required. The Falcon Wing doors are futuristic and the results and impact are amazing. Each door is equipped with sensors to monitor the proximity of surroundings and open very smoothly, and are extraordinarily comfortable for parents with small children. In addition to the Falcon Wing doors, the Panoramic Windshield will make you feel like you are inside a spacecraft as it has the largest all-glass panoramic windshield in production, providing an unbelievable view of the stars and sky above. The interior of the vehicle is contemporary and minimalist with the essential purpose of practicality.  Model X also has a great storage room and with seat configurations that are very convenient for family needs and designed for your convenience to maximize passenger comfort for up to seven adults. The car is available in five, six, and seven passenger seats. Last but not least, Tesla has not forgotten to add the latest online entertainment feature and if you really appreciate personalized service the media player in Tesla will play your favorite content from streaming radio, live stations, and podcasts controlled by voice command that will help keep the focus on the road.

2017 Tesla Model X. Photo: VIP Discoveries- Media Player.-
Tesla Model X-Photo: VIP Discoveries- The car is available in five, six, and seven passenger seats
Tesla Model X-Photo: VIP Discoveries- The car is available in five, six, and seven passenger seats

We really enjoyed driving 2017 Tesla Model X and the features and technology command a starting price of $82,500. The Model X is customizable to your preference using an online ordering system on Tesla‘s website. Tesla has a warranty of 8 years, infinite mile battery and drive unit and a 4 year, 50,000-mile limited warranty. Model X qualifies for a 7,500 federal tax credit and other state-sponsored tax incentives and rebates.

The CEO of Tesla, “Elon Reeve Musk” is a pioneer and leader who has started changing the world with the advanced technology of Tesla’s futuristic and promising outlook. We won’t be surprised if Musk invents the first vehicle able to send humans to Mars’ and sooner than we expect.

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