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I have been always a fashion lover and I like to wear very original clothing. I discovered an oasis with Chaosseed Studio which is located in NYC.  You can take an extra 25% off if you use my code: Yenis2018

I’m wearing this dress that is honestly a piece of art to me; the printing of my “Pleated Rose Maxi Dress” is so delicate and feminine. The designer Hong Ni has a stunning, first class, and practical collection for the women of today who are busy creating a lifestyle to grow mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially. The clothing is well-suited for women who like to create happiness around them by engaging with activities, people and face the hustling of day by day just like in busy cities such as New York, Washington DC or Chicago.



What I love about Chaosseed Studio and the talented textile designer Hong Ni is the incredible vision of each design just like the  “Pleated Rose Maxi Dress” that I’m wearing. This dress is perfect to wear to the office or during the evening. The full dress has a delightful pleated bottom, empire waist, back zipper opening. The fabric is 97% polyester and 3% spandex, which the best part is that it is machine washable and saves money on dry cleaning. I have worn this dress twice. The first time was in Austin, TX at the Hotel Granduca Austin where I had a business meeting and I received tons of compliments from the staff of the gorgeous hotel and my meeting partners. The second time, I wore the dress again in Washington DC at the jaw-dropping “The Library of Congress.” I love to mention my locations when I’m writing about fashion.

FullSizeRender 40

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I also have worn a dress by Chaosseed Studio calledPleated Drawstring Dress”. This dress evokes freedom with the Santorini print. I feel so lively and cheerful with this dress! I received a lot of compliments when I wore this dress at a Christmas party at the Archer Hotel Austin and I felt so versatile with this dress since that day I had a long day at the office. I particularly love the watercolor of this pullover dress and original print. As an actress, I feel so inspired by the tones of this dress. Did you know that most artists feel inspired by the color blue? We love the ocean, lakes rivers and enjoy the rain.

FullSizeRender 28

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I feel with the clothes from Chaosseed Studio are like a contemporary piece of artwork with the entire collection. It makes me feel creative and spiritual wearing my dresses with watercolor prints. It’s great to feel unique with a dress that uplifts your mind. If you are a woman of today like me who is intense with a profound emotional depth, wearing watercolors could make a counterpoint to your intensity!

The fabric of Chaosseed Studio clothing feels lightweight, the palettes of the color of the clothes offered online by the studio is a mix of nautical, white, indigo with a range of pink, red and some black. The designs are very eye catching and the rhythmic pleated dresses and skirts and pants are also tailored for an office-friendly look. All in all, the collection of Chaosseed Studio is playful and grounded, and I can’t wait to wear more of Chaosseed Studio.

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