Giveaway – 2018 Hair Trends Curly, Wavy and Straight ‘Jose Eber Ultimate Luxury Gift Set – Gold’


Since I’m a big follower of fashion, beauty, and trends, I’m always looking forward each year to hairstyles. The 2018 hair trends are curly, wavy, and straight. After doing in-depth research I came across the ‘Jose Eber Ultimate Luxury Gift Set – Gold’ which is the perfect gift for mother’s day. The set has two beautifully designed tools. The first is a 25MM clipless curling iron with a 25mm (1″) clipless barrel, a temperature of 210˚C. The second tool in the set is a wet or dry straightening with iron 1 ½ ” wide floating plates, an adjustable temperature control of 82˚C-221˚C. Both tools have 110-240V dual voltage support. A travel heat mat safely and conveniently stores your hair tools when not in use and during travel.

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I knew about “Jose Eber” since he is a Beverly Hill-based renowned stylish and entrepreneur and he is well-known in the “A” list circle as one of the best, exclusive, and fashionable chic stylish in Hollywood. “Jose Eber Salon” has been open for four decades and its customers include celebrities, socialites, and international jet-setters. I also learned that ‘Jose Eber Salons are also located in Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, Dallas, and Dubai in addition to their Beverly Hills location. Your hair can’t be in better hands than with “Jose Eber” and his hair beauty tools have the latest technology to benefit your hairstyles. He is the creator of a luxurious brand of flat irons, curling irons, blows dryers, and more recently, beauty products with a variety of prices. Did I mention that “Jose Eber” beauty tools have a lifetime warranty? Awesome!

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I love my hair because is naturally curly and is just perfect for the trendy curly hairstyles in 2018. I have been embracing my curls and I love all kind of curls from wavy, kinky, to bouncy. My naturally curly hair can be very laborious sometimes; it’s gorgeous when it dries naturally on the same day, but the next day my hair can become tangled in knots. It can really give me a hard time when I don’t use the right products to avoid knots and I look like a poodle with knotted hair. I love the wavy loose hair look which is a very hot trend right now, so I was determined to finally learn how to make my wavy hair sexier and more sumptuous. I decided to get a professional curling iron from “Jose Eber.” I have used other brands and to be honest I didn’t get the same waves I have been getting with this curling iron. In the past, I was frustrated and I almost gave up trying to make waves myself and instead I always ended up going to the nearby salon to get the wavy sexy look. Now I’m beyond excited because the curling iron included in the “Jose Eber Ultimate Luxury Gift Set” gives me the look I always wanted to achieve that is sexy and shiny with healthy waves. I can finally do it myself with this curling iron that is so easy to use that gives me an angel worthy heavenly hairstyle. In order to get the Victoria Secret runway model look I dry my hair first with the hairdryer and then I define the length of the curls, I want in smaller and larger to get natural waves. In addition, are I curl my hair in different directions and I pull my hair apart with my fingertips and I get the sexy and undone look.

One of the best features of the curling iron is 3 easily interchangeable clipped barrels, advanced non-stick coating, quick heat up to even heat distribution, 110-240V dual voltage support, and a 360 tangle-free professional swivel cord.

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I love my refined wavy hair enhanced by the “Jose Eber Ultimate Luxury Gift Set- Gold

Straight hair is absolutely owning 2018 and shows no signs of slowing down. You need to plug your flat iron in now because straight hair isn’t going anywhere in 2018, and to get that look serums and hair oils are your best friends this year to give your hair the long straight look. I’m an expert with the flat iron I have been doing it for years! I have been watching Fashion Week and straight hair has been dashingly hot the whole year round. It helps to use your blow dryer, but your hair won’t be smooth and glossy without using a flat iron. I have been using one of the best ones on the market included with the “Jose Eber Ultimate Luxury Gift Set- Gold.” One of the best features of the flat iron is that you can use the flat iron with your hair wet or dry. This flat iron has an innovative design with steam venting tourmaline ceramic plates, 4 temperature settings up to 430 F/220C, advanced ionic technology, 110-240V dual voltage support, and a 360 tangle free professional swivel cord.

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I achieve my straight, sleek and shiny hair to make an impact. First I use products or conditioners labeled “smoothing” to add more moisture to my hair and for me, those are necessary as a thermal protectant. Then I separate my hair into sections using a comb. When straightening a section, I run a fine-toothed comb just half an inch below the straightener as I go down each section. You need to make sure that your hair is clean, dry, and brushed before using your “Jose Eber” flat iron. The last step is to add a finishing product to reduce frizz and add shine.

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