‘Sugar Smart Box’ – Box Subscriptions for Diabetics or Pre-Diabetics

Are you looking for low sugar and low carbohydrate snacks?  When you are or have been pre-diabetic  like me, you realize you have to be aware of the food and snacks you eat. I get extremely bored with the healthy snacks I have gotten at the wholesale stores because I always find boxes of the same kind of snacks, and when I go to a supermarket I have to spend a lot of time reading labels. My time is as valuable as my health. I have a prediabetic friend who has been using “Sugar Smart Box”, and he is very content with all the products he receives each month. They are 7+ premium snacks; low sugar (5g per serving) and low carb (9g net per serving). He discovered he was pre-diabetic at the same time I did and since then we have been sharing tips, restaurants, and snacks we like.

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When he got his first “Sugar Smart Box” he invited to try the box, and I was surprised with the box he received with super healthy snacks. We meet up again and I tried all the snacks with him and I was so excited I finally decided to get my membership. You can make the subscription month to month for $34.95, 3 month prepay $94.99, or a 6 month prepay $174.90. You can select 7+ premium snacks each month, use exclusive coupon codes, renew monthly, renew quarterly, or every six months.

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I have been managing my pre-diabetes, and it’s controlled now. I was reading every single label of my snacks I consume to avoid temptations. Managing diabetes and pre-diabetes can be hard and you need to careful. I know from experience that finding low sugar and low carb snacks can be expensive, time-consuming and frustrating. When my friend told me about the snacks he gets delivered right to his front door, I was so happy for him!

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My exercise routine is 5 times a week since I need stay active. When I received my blood test results, it was a wake-up call for me, and I realized that I needed to take better care of my health, by exercising and making healthy food choices in order for me to prevent diabetes. I feel so blessed with being able to find “Sugar Smart Box” because I’ll get all the nutrients I need for my body, from fiber, whole grain, low sugar and low fat.  I can now find the right snacks to control my sugar intake without jumping around the store to store. Most of the snacks at the store are full of sugar and; I’m going to be honest with you, I get still my sweet tooth and it is indeed a temptation.

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If you are like me “Sugar Smart Box” is a great solution for you. Why? All the snacks are low carb, low sugar, and you won’t hassle anymore looking. You don’t have to worried about your blood sugar spiking to unhealthy levels. The best part, you will receive the box right at your front door.

Enjoy healthy snacks that are delicious!

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