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I was born with the idea of fairytales at an early age as I grew up watching the Disney Princess franchise and princesses from Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Belle, Rapunzel. Growing up I didn’t identify myself with any of these princesses even though they have been the most popular franchises of the whole of Disney-owned media. However, when I saw for the first time the franchises of Jasmine and Pocahontas I realized any dream could be possible for a mixed girl like me who has Italian, Spanish, American Indian, and some Black and Jewish in my heritage. When you are a mixed girl like me things can be a little weird when you are part of a society that separates races into different boxes that say White, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Asian, or Black. When I encounter one of those boxes I always say other or I mark my own box that says “mixed.”

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Meghan Markle” represents for me the beginning of a change in our society, I finally can see a Jasmine or Pocahontas dream becoming real and I can say “It is about time” to see a modern-day princess.

I’m so proud of being a mixed girl like “Meghan Markle” and I love dressing up in pretty dresses like a princess. Last week I talked to my dad over the phone and he told me Yenis, you look just like “Meghan Markle” and I laughed out loud. I never thought about that until this week when I was trying my pretty dresses from Standards & Practices. and I realized I was just a mixed girl with tons of insecurities just like Meghan Markle had growing up.

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Brighten & Lighten Up! It’s Single’s Day! With spring around the corner, and new arrivals in our warehouse, there so many ways and reasons to treat yourself.“Standards & Practices brand shows the modern woman of today who dresses to impress herself and not others! When you love your clothing you are ready to conquer the world with confidence, diplomacy, down to earth attitude, and sense of humor.

I love dressing like a princess with Standards & Practices. I’m wearing this pretty red called LuLu Tiered Ruffle Bell Sleeve Wrap Dress – Red Floral, this dress is very vibrant and super chic. I attended a cocktail party this spring with this gorgeous dress with red floral eye-catching print. The wrap dress is so comfortable, light and versatile. The dress is 100% chiffon and features a charming V line and striking bell sleeves with a three-tier layered detail at the cuff. The knee-length dress ties at the waist to define your figure and add structure. Use my code YESYENIS25 and you will get 25% off your purchase.

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I love Standards & Practices. and in 2018 they have astonishing dresses. When you enter in a room full of people wearing one of their dresses, you will be very noticeable, because the brand is out of the ordinary as it’s made to impress and with the best materials. You can be like a princess everywhere you go; I have compared myself to Pocahontas for a long time, and I finally can envision myself as a princess just like “Meghan Markle.” Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of  Sussex.


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