Memorial Day Weekend 2018 Trends – Custom Handmade Dresses for All Ages and Sizes

Memorial Day is the kick off of the summer season and marks the beginning of the summer vacation or summer break for schools in the United States. I truly respect the Memorial Day holiday as an American citizen because my family and I honor the men and women who sacrificed their lives and died while serving in the U.S. military. I also embrace Memorial day fashion with shades of red, white, and blue. I wear striped and starred dresses and even festive swimwear to celebrate Memorial day with a high dose of the patriotic flair.

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I wanted to wear something very special for Memorial Day this year and I thought about ItsHandmadebyMelanie; Melanie has a handmade shop on Etsy. I emailed her to make a custom order dress for me and my adorable 3-year-old neighbor to celebrate Memorial Day with her in our neighborhood. I adore this little girl with all my heart because she is just like “mini-me”.

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You will be able to have this colorful dress with patriotic colors (white, red and blue) for you and your little girl, sister, or mother of all ages and all sizes for Memorial Day 2018 by shopping my style with 30% OFF by using my code “YENIS“. Stay tuned for the hashtags #Giveaway on Instagram @ItsHandmadebyMelanie. During Memorial Day @ItsHandmadebyMelanie will be running some exciting precious giveaways for your whole family. Order now from Georgia in the United States with my discount code HERE

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I love to be very creative during the holidays and I put myself in the spirit of the tone, look, and trends during the holidays to shape my vision of the styles I will be wearing.

The person behind @ItsHandmadebyMelanie is Melanie and she is inspired every day. I love supporting people like her because she has an innovative and personalized way to give you a product that will make you happy when you receive it.  I’m moved by the story behind her dresses since her mom is the inspiration behind them. I loved the two dresses I received and they fit perfectly. I called my little neighbor to have the photo shoot in order to recommend these dresses to my followers.

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After you order your custom made dresses by @ItsHandmadebyMelanie, Melanie will ship the dresses “in stock items” to you in 1-2 business days after payment is received via USPS first class mail. Custom orders and special requests will be shipped 5-7 (business) days after payment is received.  If you would like to receive your item quicker than USPS first class mail (2-5 days), let her know and she will ship priority mail and invoice you for the difference. Materials: blue flannel backed satin fabric, bias tape, elastic, thread, ribbons, cotton, knit, woven, floral, trendy, cotton fabric, satin.

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Here are some inspiration items to get started on your long weekend where you might be attending an evening bonfire, or maybe you’ll be grilling some burgers or BBQ with friends and family or heading to downtown to a trendy rooftop or pool party or a beach vacation. Dressing for Memorial Day is part of the fun, be yourself, be beautiful and confident no matter what age or size. Click on the images below to shop now from AMAZON Memorial Day 2018:

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