Goddess Provision Month of May Review ‘Get Rooted Box’ – Solar Plexus Chakras

Have you ever wonder how to find your inner power as a woman? I love the Goddess Provision monthly box because each month it brings powerful awakening tools to help you find your inner power. We all have a limitless energy and wisdom to connect with the universal energy and when we are in tune with our inner goddess our life will experience a magical transformation. Create sacred time and space to connect with the “Goddess” within and without and every single day, release all your cares, concerns, worries, doubts, fears, as well as your hopes and dreams to your higher, goddess self. Access your multiple intuitive channels and awaken your inner wise woman with goddess provisions.

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I received my first box this month of May and the box is called the “Get Rooted Box,” and it had all that I needed to start feeling grounded with my sacral and solar plexus chakras. We all need spiritual tools to find direction, wisdom, inner peace, prosperity, love, health, and desires. The solar plexus represents the expression of will, personal power, and mental abilities. My box came with a mantra “I can, I feel, I am” The month of May box works wonderfully to open up and balance the third chakra or Manipura, balancing your self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and addictions. I connected beautifully to my inner goddess during the month of May, simply by balancing my body to accomplish my goals and desires. Clearing my third chakra has been such an enchanting practice with the “Get Rooted Box” from Goddess Provision. Reconnecting with your inner goddess is such an enriching path for your personal growth into a happier, self-actualized and harmonized being.

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If you feel you have a solar plexus imbalance you may experience the feelings of depression, anxiety, envy, jealousy, nervousness, introversion, stress, lack of self-worth, self-doubt, lack of self-confidence, sensitivity to rejection, and fear of looking foolish. The May box is just right for you to help you balance your mind and body and live your life with confidence.

Goddess Provisions offers different options for you and you can adjust it to your own budget, I particularly love my twelve-month subscription. You can order a single box or you have the option of three, six, or twelve-month subscriptions that won’t auto renew. After selecting the number of boxes, you go to the checkout page. Make sure the “This is a gift” box is selected on the checkout page where you input your payment info. Also, make sure the “Automatically renew this subscription” box is not checked.

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Let me tell you now about all the exciting products I received with my box:

 1.- Violet Gray Solar Plexus Charm, the charm value is the $23. Great for inner power and Self-confidence.

2.- Organic KAILO Solar Plexus Essence – $42 Value A roll-on, concentrated, aromatherapeutic blend to be used like perfume, while simultaneously bringing a powerful dose of balance to the chakras. Powerful!

3.- Lilac & Willow Candle – $12 Value with the Blood Orange & Patchouli candle. Perfect to clear your solar plexus chakra. This candle has aromatherapy-grade essential oils, herbs, flowers, pure soy wax, and hemp wicks to ensure a slow, even burn. It’s wonderful!

4.-Little Moon Essentials Foot Bath – $5.50 Value. Soak your tired feet in this refreshing salt blend including castor oil, beet powder, and peppermint essential oil to feel cool and calm. So refreshing!

5.- Soapy Layne Root Chakra Massage Balm – $26 Value. Excellent for the feeling of safety and grounding. Ground yourself with a foot rub using this massage balm made with earthy essential oils including ginger, cypress, vetiver, and patchouli.

6.-Citrine – $4 Value. This stone carries the energy of the solar plexus and sacral chakras. Carry it with you when you want to connect with your personal power and creativity to manifest your dreams. The Citrine properties that are most well known are its value for aiding manifestation of prosperity. If you wear it as close as possible to the solar plexus chakra area it will be more effective to aid creativity.

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