Lauren Angelica Jewelry – Handcrafted and Inspired by Nature

When I received my “Lauren Angelica Jewelry” necklace Inspired by the famous plumeria flower,  USE MY CODE: “Yenis25” for a 25% OFF.

I was deeply astonished by the beauty of this delicate set of necklace and earrings. I love surrounding myself with inspirational items that keep me motivated. I love the simplicity and genuine transparency of the unique jewelry collection created by “Lauren Angelica Mirabal.” She has a passion for creating jewelry and a strong vision to keep evolving her craft to the next level. She is living her dream. Lauren Angelica Jewelry is available online and in Hilo Hawaii (Big Island) at One Gallery Hawaii.


I express myself in different ways, and the jewelry I wear represents the mood of the moment I’m experiencing.  I feel inspired by nature, and I always observe the color of nature to apply it to my personal style. I feel connected to nature and I look at the color of the sky often and enjoy contemplating a different kind of flowers to get my muse going every single day! I buy flowers each week, vibrating energy, and that’s why I got this beautiful design to carry this flower with me always. In the Hawaiian culture, the plumeria symbolizes positivity and is used in leis or to celebrate special occasions. When worn in the hair, the plumeria flower symbolizes the relationship status of the wearer. A flower over the right ear means she is available while one over the left means she is taken.

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Lauren Angelica Jewelry is made with the most finest metals from 14/20k rose/yellow gold filled and .925 sterling silver, and uses a series of proprietary techniques such as soldering, wire wrapping, hammering, hand-stamping, and more to create the masterpieces just for you and paying attention to every single detail since this jewelry is made with a lot of precision. “Lauren Angelica Jewelry” can also be made with precious materials such as Tahitian pearls and variety of gemstones.

I used my gorgeous” Lauren Angelica Jewelry at a gorgeous resort during the weekend of Memorial Day. I even wore it at the pool and looked stunning wearing the jewelry with my swimsuit, but just remember it isn’t recommended to wear your fine jewelry inside the pool or ocean since chlorine or salt water could affect it.


I love celebrating this summer with joy and pride with “Lauren Angelica Jewelry” to get the best version of myself everywhere I go! I’m transparent, unique, and I love sharing my love with the sublime and unique designs of “Lauren Angelica Jewelry” from the heart of the Big Island Hawaii where the goddess of fire resides. Check out the webpage and I assure you will find something unusual just for you. Live your dream and be inspired!

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