CasusGrill USA ” Eco-Friendly” for the “Grill Dads” – Perfect Gift for the Outdoors Dad

I recently discovered CasusGrill which is an eco-friendly and biodegradable grill. This grill is the best portable, instant, disposable grill in the world. It is the perfect Father’s Day gift for dads who grill. This grill is made from bamboo, lava, stone, and cardboard. The selling price from $12.99 to $14.99 and it is available soon for sale in Academy, Ace Hardware, The Grommet, and Huckberry.


My husband is all about outdoors these days he decided to change his lifestyle a little bit to live happier and connect with nature with our little family. He started buying all the gear to get our family ready for camp. He is learning all about outdoor living and getting connected with the outdoors lifestyle. We were struggling to find the right outdoor grill, but when we heard about CasusGrill which is a disposable one-time use grill we were curious about it so we decided to use it in a short adventure. We grilled shrimp and brussel sprouts and it only took 5 minutes to get ready and start our grill. This grill has quick Oxylite bamboo charcoal that is ready to grill in 5 minutes. There is no need to use lighter fluid and our shrimp tasted so good since the grill brings out the most delicious natural flavor of any grilled food. The lava stone provides a strong thermal insulation and the charcoal burns clean with just a little smoke. I can’t wait to experience our new adventures with camping since we are planning camping around Texas and California for the rest of 2018.



This grill is the perfect gift for practical and versatile dads who love to cook and grill outdoors. It’s good for dads who like camping, hiking, and biking and are always on the move with their family.


CasusGrillis an eco-friendly biodegradable grill made with 100% natural material. This grill is perfect for families who like to take road trips.  This biodegradable grill is super convenient for you and your family to enjoy gourmet grilling anytime and everywhere you go on your adventures. If your father loves to go on adventures, camp, travel in an RV, or go boating, CasusGrill is the ideal grill. He won’t have to clean a messy grill, right? Nobody likes to clean a messy grill, and this grill is clean, easy, practical, and hygienic.



Camping has been a great practice for us as a family and has helped us to share a primitive experience under the stars and inside our tent and drinking and eating with natural and biodegradable products makes the experience even more special. Our human connection with nature by camping has opened a gate to have a human connection with each other and more appreciate the present moment and meaning of life.

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