Sangria Lolea “Summer Tasting Party”- Happy 4th of July Red, White and Blue

One of my favorite drinks during the summer is sangria, and it has been my favorite drink for the last several years during hot weather. My grandmother was from Tenerife, Spain, and sangria was her specialty. She used to make her delicious homemade sangria for our family gatherings during holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and vacations. Sangria for me is a synonym of happiness, celebration, success, and friendship. I never asked my grandmother for her secret recipe, and I have only tasted in my life a few exceptional homemade sangrias. The sangrias I have bought at stores already made (ready-to-drink) or ordered at well-known restaurants (usually during brunch) haven’t impressed my palate.

I have been to Whole Foods several times and I have spotted the beautiful, fun, and trendy bottles of “Sangria Lolea. I was indeed very enthusiastic this summer about having a sangria tasting party and I decided to have it with Sangria Lolea since it has a variety of flavors. I had two Lolea tasting parties at the pool. Austin TX is very hot during summer, and one of the best settings for drinking sangria during summer time is at the pool with family, friends, and neighbors.


While I was at the two gatherings I asked my friends and relatives feedback about the flavor of the different sangrias from Sangria Lolea : Red Number 1, White Sangria Number 2, and Rose Number 5.  Most of my guests loved them since they are all delicious, refreshing, distinctive, and exquisite. However, there was one Sangria that everybody wanted more of which was Lolea Number 1. I would call it a heavenly choice of a sangria and it reminded me of the delicious sangria from my grandmother. Sangria Lolea Number 1 is divine, yummy, and delicious. We had sangria with appetizers as we talked about our plans and adventures for summer.

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If you are planning to have a 4th of July summer party and plan to serve sangria, Sangria Lolea is the best option. There are no sangrias in the US market like Sangria Lolea. There aren’t other ready-to-drink sangria with the secret ingredients of Sangria Lolea. The art of making homemade sangria has a formula, and Sangria Lolea has found the perfect and secret blend to create the real flavor of Spain. It’s a great beverage to serve your guests as they have fun and unwind with meaningful people and conversations. Sangria Lolea has a frizzante touch and a flawless combination of wine and fruits. It is handcrafted and natural.

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My favorite sangria was Lolea Number 1. It tastes so good by itself when it is chilled.  I added strawberries and oranges, but to be honest with you, by itself the taste is sublime. One of my friends added some lemons and oranges cut with a touch of Cointreau that was just perfect! The Lolea number 1 is a delectable beverage with a silky carbonic composition mixed with young wine, cherry and orange peels, sour strawberries, and drops of lemons and cinnamon. This Sangria is sophisticated, stylish and beyond compare.

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The Sangria Lolea Number 2 also had an excellent feedback from my guests. White sangria is very popular in Spain and even though I have always preferred red sangria, the Sangria Lolea Number 2 is out-of-this-world. The white sangria is supreme and so refreshing and invigorating by the pool! During the tasting, we were all so amazed. Lolea Number 2 is made with Mediterranean grapes and hints of vanilla with citrus aroma of oranges and lemons. If you add a touch of vodka to Sangria Lolea, Sangria Lolea Number 2 is very exhilarating! Relax with friends and be happy building great memories with friends and family.


Lolea Rose Number 5 was a great experience during Father’s day. It is made with rose wine and elegant aromas of hibiscus flowers and ginger with a sparkling finish. It tasted great by itself but it is also great to serve the Lolea Rose as a base for a cocktail. I will call the Lolea Rose Number 5, the Sangria for love and romance. It is seductive when you drink it next to someone you love.

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Happy 4th of July to all my readers! Enjoy with “Sangria Lolea”  this Independence Day. Cherish with your friends and family your life in America without forgetting the sacrifices made by our heroes who have made this day of freedom a reality.

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I’ll be celebrating my birthday in Japan, I won’t be blogging for two weeks! Cheers and Happy Independence Day!


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