Womb Space Box “Goddess Provisions” – Sexual Healing Power

I received the Womb Space Box from Goddess Provision, the June box which is amazingly packed with gorgeous tools to help you to connect your womb, your sexuality, and advance your life to the next level of confidence and self-love to attract a healthy and loving relationship with yourself and others.  The balance and healing of your Womb Space or sexual chakra is fundamental to obtain balance and healing. Order your Goddess Provisions Box HERE

We are the feminine side of the equation and we have the power to create life with our body, isn’t it amazing?

I have always worked with self-love and self-acceptance and honoring myself. This box has helped me in the journey of understanding my sacred body and balance my sexuality and emotions to improve my well being. Throughout our lives, we experience positive and negative emotions with ourselves and other people. We have been at some point of our lives stuck in bad relationships that have brought us down, hurt or disappointed us, but the healing process of past traumas and the willingness to move on from that stagnant energy will bring us to the next level to achieve happiness, vitality, calmness, optimism, self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-worth, purpose, and connection. It is important to the healing of your Womb Space to finally be able of being surrounded with loving and understanding relationships.

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The power of our sexuality with the Swadhisthana Chakra, Womb Space and also called Yoni Chakra will bring to you positive relationships, creativity, and healthy sexual drive if your chakra is aligned. When you respect your sacred body others will pick up your confident energy.

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Attracting loving relationships is the main purpose of the June box by balancing and healing yourself as your main mission.

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Attract to you healthy and loving relationship with Goddess Provisions. The sexual chakra energizes the sex organs, uterus, bladder, and knees. For a woman, the sexual chakra is located in her womb space, ovaries, vagina, kidneys, urine track, and lower back, and for a man, it is his penis, testicles, kidneys, urine track and lower back.A blocked sexual chakra can lead a person to be emotionally unbalanced, manipulative, obsessed with sex, scared of sex, lacking in energy, enthusiasm, self-worth and in the physical level infertility, miscarriage, impotency, PMS, fibroids, ovarian cysts, and in many cases women or men won’t get sexual satisfaction or feel sensual.

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I enjoy the act of lovemaking with my husband and now more than ever because I feel more balanced and satisfied I have been working to improve myself balancing my chakras and moving on from the past. When there is aligned sex energy flows in your body your life changes efficiently harmonizing your body from anxieties, suppressions, frustrations, and tensions. The process of freeing your body from unwanted energies will bring you peace, passion, and a positive life.

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What’s in the June Box from Goddess Provisions?

1.-Yoni Crystals Vesica Pisces Bracelet – $22 Value

Wear this sacred symbol on your wrist as a reminder of the divine creative essence that resides in your womb. I love how this bracelet makes me feel. The Vesica Piscis is a symbol used in the sacred geometry to depict the cosmic womb. A meaningful symbol of life to awake the yoniverse.

2.- Calm-a-Mama Balance Drops – $17 Value

This hormone balancing flower essence combines clary sage, rose, yarrow and lavender to increase feelings of comfort, stability, and resilience.

I feel so calm when I take these drops!

3.- Sacred Lotus Yoni Steam – $7 Value

Cleansing herbal yoni steam to support a healthy menstrual cycle, reduce stress and connect to your feminine essence.

It was the first time I have done the vaginal steaming! I felt so great for many days and energetic.

4.- Cosmic Collage Medicine Bag – $25 Value

Carry your essentials wherever you go in this gorgeous pouch. It’s perfect for holding your menstrual cup, pads, tampons, crystals and more!

Super cute bag, my special compartment inside my purse.

5.- Lesser Evil Paleo Puffs – $1.50 Value

These vegan and grain-free puffs are made with nutrient-dense ingredients including cassava and sweet potato so you can feel good snacking on them when you’ve got a savory craving.

Delicious! Yummy!

6.-Little Moon Essentials Cramp Belly Rub – $13.50 Value

Massage this oil featuring camphor, arnica, clary-sage, and wintergreen over your womb space to help relieve menstrual cramps.

It definitely makes you feel better. Thumbs up!

7.- Amethyst Cluster – $8 Value

Amethyst is known to help bring balance, soothe the mind and calm emotions. Keep this crystal near when doing womb healing.

This is my favorite stone!

8.- Digital Bonus: The Womb Codex – $18 Value

Access moon rituals that will connect you with your feminine power and the deeper wisdom of lunar rhythms.

Goddess Provisions offers different options for you and you can adjust it to your own budget, I particularly love my twelve-month subscription. You can order a single box or you have the option of three, six, or twelve-month subscriptions that won’t auto renew. After selecting the number of boxes, you go to the checkout page. Make sure the “This is a gift” box is selected on the checkout page where you input your payment info. Also, make sure the “Automatically renew this subscription” box is not checked.


Thank you for reading,

Yenis Monterrey

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This box will ship within 5-7 business days.

Order your Goddess Provisions Box HERE


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