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I love lingerie which is the expression of femininity and sensuality. We are bombarded by campaigns of sexy women wearing lingerie on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and media in general. I embrace my body no matter what my size is. My weight has the tendency to fluctuate, and I always have different sizes of lingerie on hand depending on my shape.


I’m wearing 3 Wishes Sexy Lingerie, pictured in this article which is one of my favorite brands. You can check similar brands on my favorite list HERE


I love to feel confident when I’m wearing lingerie because I can express how I feel with my lingerie. I can express my mood whether I’m feeling classic, mysterious, or sexy. You don’t have to look like a model in order to wear lingerie or have your partner in front of you to entice him. You can just simply wear lingerie for yourself regardless of if you are single or divorced. You can feel empowered and celebrate your body at any age. I recommend different types of lingerie on my LIST and you can select and adapt it to your body, first of all, you need to choose something that fits your body type.  It’s not about the piece of you are wearing, instead, it’s about how you feel when you are wearing the lingerie. When I feel confident and comfortable I feel empowered, happy and sexy.


I helped a cousin recently select her lingerie for her honeymoon which was an exciting and fun experience. Online shopping is so much fun and you don’t have to pay for returns if you are a Prime Member on Amazon.  I suggested my cousin select from corsets, teddies, stockings, garters, slips, laces, ruffles, or cute ribbons. My favorite items the robes because I like to cover up the sexy outfit inside to provoke and add mystery and enigma to the moment.  I particularly have a lot of bridal lingerie in my personal collection.



Hope you love my list HERE.–  Feeling positive about your body is essential to wear your lingerie with total freedom. If you are married, your husband will appreciate your attention by giving him a night of love and romance with his favorite lingerie. You can start by asking him what kind of lingerie he likes, and maybe you both can sit together and choose your outfit. How about for his birthday, anniversary, or Halloween?  Enjoy and have fun selecting your lingerie to express your sexiness, remember you are alive!




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