Jose Eber ‘Hair INFUSION Ultrasonic Curling Iron’- Style your Hair

The Jose Eber Hair INFUSION Ultrasonic Curling Iron is an amazing curling iron with a unique design that makes my hair shinier with a healthier finish. I have used different kinds of curling irons during my lifetime and I have never found an iron that could make my hair look so beautiful. Definitely, the Jose Eber Hair INFUSION Ultrasonic Curling Iron is the best on the market. It’s very revolutionary because it performs an infusion treatment at the same time you style your hair! Since the infusion steam releases a plant-based argan oil while you are ironing your hair, the argan oil nourishes your hair wonderfully for a stunning look that lasts all day and beyond.

The oil penetrates into your hair to protect it against the environment that damages your hair and the steam helps to improve your hairstyle longer. I have a color treated hair and this curling iron is the salvation for my hair which has the tendency to form split ends, but with Jose Eber Hair INFUSION Ultrasonic Curling Iron I haven’t had this problem anymore. I feel so grateful for the infusion technology since now I can keep my hair long and avoid frequent haircuts.


1.- Nebulizing ultrasonic technology

2.- Microscopic particles penetrate the cuticle

3.- Delivers cool mist

4.- No hot steam or vapor

5.-Low heat from tool instantly seals the cuticle

6.-Mist Control – Use with or without

IMG_8201How to use the Jose Eber Hair INFUSION Ultrasonic Curling Iron :

1.- Press the Mist-On/off button to release infusion treatment. Mist will be dispensed along the iron plates when they are closed.

2.- Take the section of hair, about 2 inches wide and ½ inch thick, Run the Vapor Iron from roots to ends. Run iron at a slow pace to ensure heat and infusion treatment are distributed evenly throughout the section of hair.

3.-Use the infusion treatment mist through your styling or infusion treatment vapor can be used intermittently on certain areas that need to be treated.

4.-Turn the mist off and turn iron off.

José Eber is more than just hair. It’s an art form. I’m a big fan of this brand and I feel so grateful to be able to discover such an amazing tool for my hair.


Thank you for reading,

Yenis Monterrey

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