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Traveling to London during summer 2019 was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. It was an enriching trip and opened my eyes to the reality of a multicultural world and to the authenticity and lifestyle of a country without any labels. London is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world. London’s DNA has always been diversity, not its “Englishness.” I have in my DNA a small percentage of UK genes so I was indeed excited about learning more about London during our summer vacation as much as I could with my husband and teenage son.


We stayed in Soho, one of the most fashionable districts in London. Soho District is particularly appealing for those who love entertainment, interesting food, and fun nightlife. I enjoy being immersed in the whole experience of the country I’m visiting. I had a blast in Soho with its very distinctive risque vibe that is chic and colorful. I also really enjoyed Pride 2019 in Soho that is one of the best LGBT events during the month of June and July.

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I have had several Instagram followers that asked me about my itinerary during my trip to London 2019 so let me share with you a few spots.  We stayed in Soho which is an awesome place if you want to experience the full spectrum of London! You will find here all the entertainment you need and innumerable restaurants to delight your palate and super fun entertainment. Nearby to Soho I really loved Chinatown which was located a few blocks from my hotel.

London is big with markets and if you are traveling with older kids the experience is fun for them. It’s also romantic if you are traveling for your honeymoon! We loved Camden market, which is my number one market to visit if you want to have a unique shopping experience and enjoy delicious food. Covent Garden Market is second on my list since it’s more like a farmer’s market where you will find the most delicious and super healthy food to enjoy! London has innumerable markets!

FullSizeRender 557London has many fascinating attractions and you should visit the “London Eye” which is super impressive. I would highly recommend that you buy the tickets ahead of time. We didn’t use any of the London City passes or cards for the attractions and you honestly won’t need them if you have planned out ahead of time what you are going to visit each day. Traveling should be for you a fun experience and it should not involve stress when you are traveling with your family and especially with teenagers or small kids. You need to appreciate each attraction and take your time to breathe and walk! We enjoyed the parks in London and the vegetation is very impressive and we took long walks and bike rides! Keeping your teenagers and kids outdoors in London is is so much fun!


I wanted to visit historic Greenwich which is an unmissable part of London adventure. The best part of our trip is how we get there; we took the Emirates Airline tram to Greenwich which is a large gondola that crosses over the Thames River. We had a blast with the best sightseeing views of the area that were breathtaking and fun! We got lucky to be able to enjoy one full day of the “Greenwich + Docklands International Festival” which is one of London’s largest free outdoor arts festivals with open-air theatre, dance, and art installations and music for all ages in Royal Greenwich. There is a lot to do here and you can enjoy a full day exploring the area!

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One of my favorite attractions was Windsor Castle, which is the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world. It has been a royal home and fortress for more than 900 years and remains a working palace today. I highly recommend trying to get there by yourself since tours always rush people around and you won’t have time to enjoy a romantic adventure, especially if you are having your honeymoon! Take your time, enjoy the castle, and explore the gorgeous town of Windsor for a quiet, dreamy and charming day if you are tired of the big crowds in London.


  Most of the museums in London are free which is great news! Visit the gardens and rooftop and of course, you must watch live entertainment, for example at Piccadilly Circus! 


I really enjoyed visiting London this summer and next year I’ll have plans to travel to Spain, Germany, and Prague. Stay tuned with my new travel adventures next summer 2020 outside the US.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my trip to London and my awesome Denim Jacket from Standards & Practices!

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