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A cup of tea is very healing and powerful for your body, mind, and soul and can help restore the health of your body. These facts are well known from the Buddhist monasteries to the English tea parlors. I discovered Tipson Tea USA which is not only healthy but also has the best selective ingredients with the finest organic cultivated tea leaves. The tea’s collection is USDA certified organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO. Each ingredient is hand-selected and blended with organic moringa leaves, so you can be sure you are getting the best herbal tea for your body. I buy my Tipson’s Tea USA on Amazon and you can buy here and use my code “20OFFBOXES” to get a 20%” off from your purchase.

Tipson Tea USA has the most invigorating collection blend of teas. I’m so thrilled to add the ritual of drinking different teas with selected ingredients that have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, detoxing, and restorative properties to my daily routine. I know there are plenty of celebrities around the world drinking tea for mindfulness, wellbeing, and even weight loss. I love trying different blends each day, and Tipson Tea USA has a cup for you with its wide variety of teas.

Tipson Tea USA offers different branches of teas such as ‘Organic Matcha’, ‘Organic Moringa’, and ‘Organic Turmeric’. There will be other branches coming soon called ‘Organic Ashwagandha’, ‘Organic Tulsi’, and ‘Organic Blue P’ Flower’.

Tipson Tea USA “Organic Matcha” has an exciting collection of teas adding exquisite flavors from Matcha Blueberry, Matcha Turmeric & Passionfruit, Matcha Cinnamon & Ginger, Matcha Honey & Lemon, Matcha Mint, and Matcha Masala Chai.

Buy here and use my code “20OFFBOXES” to get a 20% off from your purchase.

I’m a huge fan of matcha and since my trip to Japan last year I became more aware of the benefits of matcha tea. Ancient Japan has enjoyed the outstanding benefits of matcha for many centuries to enhance the energy of the body and the enhancement of health and wellbeing. Matcha helps to burn fat and fight cancer. There are plenty of studies that show the anti-carcinogenic chemical compounds of matcha. Matcha helps to prevent breast cancer, colon and rectal cancer, prostate cancer, and bladder cancer. Matcha is also considered one of the top natural cancer treatments in the holistic world.

Matcha is super rich in antioxidants and encourages your body’s natural detoxification and promotes weight loss. I like to take a cup of matcha tea in the morning since helps me to boost my slow metabolism and helps to improve my exercise performance. Matcha additionally helps to reduce heart disease risk & hypertension, and lower type II diabetic risk.

Tipson Tea USA ‘Organic Moringa’ also has an impressive selection from Moringa Original, Moringa & Green Tea, Moringa & Mango, Moringa & Tumeric, Moringa & Ginger, Moringa & Lemon.


I love my ‘Organic Moringa’ tea from Tipson Tea USA. The whole selection is caffeine-free so you can drink it at any time to enjoy the superfood compelling properties of Moringa. Moringa is great for those who suffer from hormonal imbalances, digestive problems, or mood swings. Moringa is potent with antioxidants that nourish your skin. I consider the moringa tea to be a superfood because it is an excellent source of protein, vitamin A, potassium, calcium, and vitamins. I love taking my moringa tea at night since is anti-inflammatory and the moringa leaves are high in several anti-aging compounds. Moringa tea is beyond impressive as it also helps to balance your hormones and slow down the effects of aging. If you are going through menopause I really recommend these ‘Organic Moringa’ teas from Tipson Tea USA.

Buy here and use my code “20OFFBOXES” to get a 20% off from your purchase.

Tipson Tea USA ‘Organic Turmeric’ the golden spice of turmeric selection has an unique and charming selection from Turmeric Peppermint & Clove, Turmeric & Chamomile, Turmeric Ginger & Cinnamon, Turmeric Ginger & Lemon, Turmeric Peach & Moringa, Turmeric Vanilla & Cinnamon.


Turmeric is well known for the magnificent benefits of helping to control blood sugar. There are numerous studies that show turmeric can help to keep blood sugar stable. I had a sugar scare experience two years ago when I found myself pre-diabetic. I used a holistic approach first to reduce and my blood sugar and I discovered the turmeric healing properties so I introduced turmeric spice to my cooking! I have been enjoying my turmeric tea from Tipson Tea USA during the day and at night preferably served iced during this hot summer. This brand has a delicious array of flavors to help to keep my blood sugar controlled. Studies have shown that turmeric can also help to control cholesterol levels. The tea helps to improve your immune system, support weight loss and helps to reduce joint pain so it has been used to treat arthritis symptoms as well. The turmeric collection of Tipson Tea USA  ‘Organic Turmeric’ has other additional ingredients that also have anti-inflammatory properties such as ginger, raw honey, and cinnamon.

Buy here and use my code “20OFFBOXES” to get a 20% off from your purchase.

Cheers, and enjoy your Tipson Teas USA Organic! Feel free to DM me if you have any questions. Remember to use my code “20OFFBOXES” to get a 20% off with your purchase on Amazon to buy HERE use my code “20OFFBOXES” to get a 20% off from your purchase. 

Click the images below to BUY your favorite tea! Buy here and use my code “20OFFBOXES” to get a 20% off from your purchase.

Buy here and use my code “20OFFBOXES” to get a 20% off from your purchase.

Buy here and use my code “20OFFBOXES” to get a 20% off from your purchase.

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