Vacation in Paris – Family Vacation Itinerary 5 Days

I’m very passionate about traveling, especially now that my only child is officially a teenager. I believe traveling is one of the best experiences you can provide for your children because it creates meaningful memories by experiencing different ways of life other than in the U.S. I have seen so many pictures on Facebook or Instagram of couples traveling alone to Europe that leave their children in the U.S with relatives. Teenagers are masterminds with their cell phones and apps and honestly, I don’t know what my husband and I would have done without the help of my son in Europe! Older kids are so smart! A teenager can be challenging sometimes, but just remember how were you when you were at that age. When we enrich the lives of our kids by showing them the world it is very gratifying. Providing our kids with the experience of traveling abroad helps them to become smarter and wiser because you are helping them to learn more self-awareness by experiencing different cultures.




Let me jump in with my itinerary in Paris. When you travel with a planned itinerary you feel so relaxed. I love organizing all my days when I travel and for busy cities like Paris that is a big plus. You can use a schedule to help get a lot more from your travel experience.

Day 1 Day Time: Montmartre I’m an artist and this is the first district I wanted to visit while visiting Paris. This district is definitely one of the most charming places of the city and the view of Paris is amazing. The Sacré-Coeur basilica is impressive and when we got there we took the Promotrain – Le Petit Train de Montmartre. This little train will give you a view of the surrounding areas and give you ideas of where to stop after the 40-minute tour. Route: Place Blanche/ Moulin Rouge / Sacré-Coeur Basilica / Amphithéâtre / Arenas / Saint-Pierre Church / Place du Tertre / Espace Dalí museum / Musée Montmartre / Le Lapin Agile / Saint-Vincent Cemetary / Place Constantin Pecqueur / La Halle and Saint-Pierre market / Anvers / return to Place Blanche. Tips: Buy the tickets at the location.

I wanted to look fierce and trendy for my Parisian pictures so I wore this cute outfit from Standard and Practices the Barbie Chiffon Bell-Sleeve Lace-Up Romper – Tropical Leaf Print. It’s perfect for fall 2019 and spring 2020 and this print is in demand right now and the romper is available in all sizes from petite to plus sizes and looks great in all body types.


Day 1 Evening: The Palace of Versailles offers plenty of entertainment during the evening from June-September “Fountains Night Show at the Palace of Versailles on Saturdays.” This outdoor experience is just like a fairytale and my family felt just like royals at one the most stunning palaces of the world.  During the show, ornamental ponds and fountains are lit by thousands of lights and the gardens have gas cannons that ignite plumes of gas that are synchronized in time to the music. The enchanting lights, effects, and music magnificently orchestrated from the time of Louis XIV were so ethereal that we felt like traveling back on time. The gardens designed by Le Nôtre offer a wonderful spectacle as fountains play and jets of water intertwine with the music.  Exploring with my family the gardens at night felt so magical and indeed very special, I highly recommend this unforgettable experience to everyone and especially romantic for honeymooners. The great nights ended up with grand fireworks as the crowning point. Tips: 1) Buy your tickets on their official webpage to avoid long lines to purchase the tickets. 2) Get to the Palace of Versaille on your own. It’s so easy to get there and you will stay as long as you want and don’t need to feel rushed with tours during your visit to the Palace.




Day 2 daytime:  The Arc de Triomphe which overlooks the Champs-Elysées.  The Arc de Triomphe is the biggest arch in the world. We had the most panoramic view of Paris with a 360 view available during the day and at night. This is one of the best places to take pictures from one of the highest structures in Paris and many people think that the view here is better than the Eiffel Tower. Enjoy the workout while claiming to the top via many stairs, but at the end will be very rewarding. Tip: Buy the tickets at the location.




Day 2 evening:  We went shopping at the Avenue des Champs-Élysées, the shopper’s paradise and we had the most amazing experience and if you go with your teenagers they will be so excited. The most trendy stores are there from the most luxurious to those on a budget. I went to the Louis Vuitton to shop and they treat you like a queen, the customer service is for sure VIP and you can be served a complimentary glass of champagne while shopping! You should also go inside Galerie des Champs-Élysées which is gorgeous inside and don’t forget to take your iconic picture there. There are a lot of places to visit and enjoy delicious cuisine, wines, and great conversations.

Day 3 daytime: Musée du Louvre I highly recommend to buy the tickets online and visit the museum early because this museum has a high number of visitors and the lines are quite insane. I had a great time with my family at the museum and it was such a worthwhile experience for the whole family. The Louvre is a great way to discover the wealth of treasures of the old world.




Day 3 evening: Sightseeing Cruises at night on the Seine. The river Seine offers a huge variety of cruises. I enjoyed our dinner cruise and the gourmet escapade is great for honeymooners for a romantic evening or an innovative dinner idea with the family. A sightseeing river cruise is definitely an original experience you can enjoy with friends. You won’t regret the Bateaux Parisiens as it offers options with different services on board an entirely glass-encased boat. Embarkation point: below the Eiffel Tower. Tip: Buy the tickets at the location.

You can also take other budget-friendly cruises. Touring along the Seine in a boat is a leisurely and pleasurable way to admire the city’s sights, and is entirely suitable for children. 


Day 4 daytime: We took an amazing day trip to the Palace of Versailles for our second time to visit the interior of the palace during the day to enjoy and appreciate the architecture and history. This is one of the most famous monuments of world heritage. The buildings trace the architectural style of the 17th and 18th centuries and comprise the Royal Apartments, the Hall of Mirrors, the Chapel, the Royal Opera and the Museum of the History of France. Château de Versailles is an astonishing place and it was worthy to appreciate the palace again during day time inside and also view impressively beautiful gardens in the daylight. Take a lot of pictures!



IMG_3812Day 4 evening: we explore the surrounding areas of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris a lot to do in the area for a fun evening, people watching, coffee, wine, and dining experience.

Day 5 day time: Paris is the city of art, home to some of the world’s most famous museums and galleries. Our day five was enriched with art. My family enjoys art and we love visiting some galleries during our family vacations. We visited the Museum Centre Pompidou, immediately recognizable by its exterior escalators and enormous colored tubing. It is home to the National Museum of Modern Art and is internationally renowned for its 20th and 21st-century art collections. This Museum has such an amazing exhibition and the terrace is splendid with a charming restaurant “Le Georges.” This museum has a breathtaking view of Paris and its rooftops for amazing pictures to share with friends and family.




IMG_6543 2

Our second stop was Museum Atelier des Lumières ‘Van Gogh, Starry Night’ from 22 February to 31 December 2019. You are still on time to enjoy one of the most awe-inspiring places I have ever been for a thrilling and immersive experience with art. The Atelier des Lumières holds monumental immersive exhibitions. Using 140 video projectors and a spatialized sound system, the highly unique multimedia equipment covers a total surface area of 3,300 m², extending from the floors to the ceilings and over walls up to 10 m high.


Day 5 evening: Our last day in Paris was unforgettable we closed our evening by visiting the Eiffel Tower the most magnificent and the preeminent symbol of France. We visited its gardens, trendy surrounding cafes and restaurants around the area to say farewell to the “City of Light”.

IMG_5648We visited an exposition about French electronic musicians called “Expo Electro” at the beautiful Philharmonie de Paris which by itself is has a very interesting and modern looking architecture. The exposition which ran between April and August showcased various musicians from Daft Punk to Kraftwerk. There were a lot of unique displays of vintage electronic instruments and synthesizers, light shows, and recorded music and video that you can listen to with headphones. There were also costumes from the artists on display as well as mechanical robots whose movements were synchronized to music! It was a great way to relax inside and experience electronic music history during the heat of the summer day. If you’re a music lover it’s a great idea to see what concerts or exhibits are showing at the Philharmonie de Paris.

Enjoy your Paris vacation with your family! I wanted to share this blog more personal to show you the wonderful experience I had with my family this summer. Feel free to email me yenisask@gmail if you have any questions. I’ll be happy to answer you.

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