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I’m Yenis Monterrey a lifestyle blogger IG: @yenismonterrey If you are following me on Instagram or my blog you know I love sharing subscription boxes with my audience. I know for certain that it can be quite overwhelming to choose a subscription box because there are so many subscription boxes on the market. If you get a makeup box, for example, you can eventually end up having so much makeup and if you choose a beauty box you can end up having a lot of beauty products. Wouldn’t you like to have a variety of subscription boxes like I do on my Instagram? You know I love sharing the best boxes on the market. If you want to embrace my fun lifestyle, you must know how much I truly enjoy sharing with you the different boxes I promote on my feed from beauty, health, snacks, spirituality, and fitness. I have recently discovered BaxsOf, a subscription box service with unlimited options that give you the exciting experience to indulge yourself and try awesome and unique different Him and Her boxes available to you at an affordable price. Since Valentine’s is around the corner  BaxsOf will make the perfect VALENTINE’S GIFT EXPERIENCE! that is delivered straight to your door. You have the option to select the essential membership plan or premier according to your preferences.IMG_8905


BaxsOf allows introducing you to a huge variety of products and brands that could become staples in your life whether you are into women or men’s health, women or men’s style, outdoor or adventures & lifestyle, books, pets, beauty, books, snacks and more! BaxsOf uses new technology in their partnerships allowing an affordable and customized experience for you according to your interests and style of living, and I think this is indeed super amazing and the biggest high point about BaxsOf.

I  have different areas of interest that I enjoy such as makeup, health, beauty, snacks, fitness, and spirituality and I really love having different boxes available to me. The focal point of BaxsOf is that all the members of your family including your pets could have the pleasure of enjoying a box. BaxsOf is definitely innovating and upgrading the subscription box’s experience to the next level by giving their members a new box each month based on their interest at one set price.

 You are wondering how  BaxsOf knows what you need? When you join BaxsOf you need to create a profile and pick your multiple interests and the algorithm selects the perfect matching box for each month based on your passions and hobbies from the boxes partnered with BaxsOf. Isn’t it unique? And yes, you can give BaxsOf as a gift for Valentine’s and you can also cancel the subscription any time. Join BaxsOf HERE and you will never get bored with your subscription.

This is my first-month trying BaxsOf and because my husband and I have the same fitness preference.  My husband got this month the Men’s Health Box (Musclebox) and we choose the premium health and fitness box.  My husband loves this box because it has everything he needs to keep him motivated and on track with his fitness journey. This box includes fitness gear workout apparel, supplement samples, healthy snacks and more!  You have the option to select the essential or premier membership plan for the Musclebox and Gainz Box.

IMG_8846 2



I signed up for myself with BaxsOf for Women’s Health. BaxsOf has a huge selection for women like the Miss Musclebox, My TheraBox, Go Love Yourself, Gainz Box, Barbella Box, and Her Fit Club. I received Miss Muscleboxthis month. I have been sharing on my Instagram my fluctuation of weight over the years and I have had some hormone issues so for me it’s very important to stay motivated with my fitness to accomplish my goals. I selected “Women’s Style” in my preferences to receive all these awesome boxes special for women’s fitness, health, and self-care subscription services right to my front door. With my subscription, I have received fitness gear, activewear, workout tips, supplement samples, healthy snacks, self-care exercises and more!

IMG_1171 2

Enjoy your box subscription journey with BaxsOf and you won’t regret by subscribing to these innovative services of having different subscription boxes available to you with just one subscription. Experience a whole year with adventure, excitement, tips, and exploration!   You can cancel anytime!

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