The Texas Hill Country with ‘Wine Glass Toppers’ – Best Gift for Thanksgiving & Christmas 2020

The “Wine Glass Topper” is perfect to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas since the holidays are just around the corner. During COVID-19 it is necessary to keep family and friends safe. A “Wine Glass Topper” is great not only to protect your drink from bugs and particles but also germs. You can always identify your glass on the table and avoid getting confused with which glass is yours for safety reasons, right?  

The Wine Glass Topper – Vino Fresco
The Wine Glass Topper- Vino Fresco

A “Wine Glass Topper” will make a very special gift for all the wine lovers to elevate their wine drinking experience to the next level. I have been enjoying some wine tasting at my favorite vineyards in the Texas Hill Country. The “Wine Glass Topper” has not only toppers but also unique custom handcrafted glassware masterpieces with unique and extraordinary designs in addition to the custom ones. If you want your logo you can have it customized with your topper and glassware to complete your exclusive set!

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I love these extraordinary designs and I enjoy having my wine glass topper with a matching wine glass. If you want to impress someone or make someone feel special with a “Wine Glass Topper” as a gift for Thanksgiving, Christmas, wedding, bridal shower, or quinceanera, I can assure you it would be an unforgettable event when you are enthusiastic about the little details with your glassware. The ”Wine Glass Topper” and glasses are available online from formal, laid back, or somewhere in between.

The Wine Glass Topper – Vino Fresco

Feel free to message the owner Kristy at for wholesale information.

Wine in TEXAS is huge and I’m so lucky to live in Austin. I live just a few minutes from the Fredericksburg region which is such a hit it’s the nation’s second most-visited wine region next to Napa Valley. I have been visiting a lot more places in the Hill Country since Covid-19 hit. I have been enjoying the finest in upscale Texas Hill Country cuisine and local wineries and distilleries! 

You can meet Kristy, the owner, in person at Fredericksburg Trade Days fabulous event located 355 Sunday Farms Ln Fredericksburg, TX 78624. This event is the 3rd weekend of every month and you can find the “Wine Glass Topper” in space A-9. You will only pay $5 for a 3-day shopping extravaganza and live music (find The “Wine Glass Topper” next to Biergarten & music). Stay tuned for this event on make plans to come on Nov 20-22, Nov 27-29 or Dec 20-22!

Fredericksburg Trade Days make plans to come on Nov 20-22, Nov 27-29 or Dec 20-22!

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Check The “Wine Glass Topper” catalog CLICK here

You will love it being able to shop with over 350 vendors. You will find 7 barns with acres of antiques, collectibles, tools, crafts, shabby chic, primitives, ranch furniture, hunting accessories, candles, unique clothing, jewelry, food and so much more.

The “Wine Glass Topper” will be shipped in 1-5 days depending on if your design is a custom piece. Kristy will discuss with you with a lot of details about your custom made design just for you.

The “Wine Glass Topper” has different designs “Designer Drink Covers, Wedding Collection Drink Covers, Flower Shop Drink Covers, Collegiate Drink Covers, Rustic Drink Covers, Custom Design Drink Covers, Petite Size Drink Covers, Succulent Drink Covers.

You can you find retailers in TEXAS of “Wine Glass Topperhere.

Plan a wine tasting at home with your family and friends and make it fun by playing some games with the “Wine Glass Topper.” Think you know a Shiraz from a Pinot Noir? What about a Sauvignon Blanc from a Riesling? Ask each friend or relative to bring a bottle. Provide the same glass for each guest and pour each bottle one by one, trying to guess what each wine is. Use your basic wine knowledge to assess what you smell or taste and make notes. Can you guess the wines correctly? This exercise will ideally work with at least four wines of the same color, or three wines of each color, to truly test your knowledge.

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas with your favorite “Wine Glass Topper.” Whether it is your favorite wine, beer, cider, juice, or maybe just a cup of tea, the bottom line is if you enjoy dining outdoors or indoors, “Wine Glass Toppers” are a beautiful gift and to keep safe people you love during COVID-19. Each topper is designed with a specific weight to fit securely on top of your drink to make it difficult to remove. I carry my topper wherever I go!

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