How to Deal with the Pandemic Tips – Valentine’s 2021

Happy 2021! I know I wasn’t consistent with my blog in 2020. I went through some growing pains during this time. The pandemic and the political turmoil have made me somehow stronger, and now I’m feeling better and have more control over what I put in my body and feed my mind with. Yes, I must confess 2020 left me feeling vulnerable at first as a wife, mother, and daughter. I was all over the place, but then I realized that I’m the captain of my own ship (my body and mind). At the beginning of the pandemic, I had sleepless nights, didn’t exercise, and developed unhealthy eating habits (stress eating, snacking out of boredom). Sometimes I even drank a little too much alcohol. At some point in my personal journey with the pandemic, I decided to take charge of my life and accept reality! I know I’m not alone in my personal journey with the pandemic. Before the pandemic, I was a socialite, frequent traveler nationally and internationally. I was always looking for my next adventure. I know people like me have struggled. I’m glad I was able to put all the pieces together to make my life better and adjust to the new situation and get used to the present reality to stay safe and healthy physically and mentally. 

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I went from being in a cocoon in March to a butterfly in January 2021. I had to reinvent myself during this time of collective turmoil. I’m staying positive, and I know this too, shall pass. In the meantime, we need to concentrate on self-care, physical mental, healthy diet and with the right balance in our daily life, we can all stay afloat during this time, one day we will have the vaccine and getting back to normal little by little!

How I said before self-care during the pandemic is the key, right? It’s extremely important for you and your family and now that Valentine’s Day is around the corner I’m going to give you some fabulous tips for yourself to help you stay stronger during this time.

  1. You need to get more sleep. Yes, the first thing that got disrupted at the beginning of this pandemic was my sleep. How did I fix it? I started getting more sleep since I got my new fabulous mattress from NOVILLA with a 10-years warranty, free shipping, and made with Organic bamboo charcoal fiber which is hypoallergenic & anti-bacterial. It has excellent motion isolation, Cooling Gel-infused Memory Foam, fits all bed frames, and is reasonably priced between $159.99 and $349.99. It’s available in mattress sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, and King. Use my code “HAPPY2021” for an extra 10% discount on NOVILLA.
Buy Novilla
Buy Novilla

I also started using some amazing supplements to help me sleep better from Physician’s Choice. When you subscribe you can get a 40% discount and also get an additional discount by using my code YEMON20. Sleep Aid is fabulous and offers a natural way to sleep. I also started using probiotics and Physician’s Choice has a huge variety, Thin 30 Probiotics, 60 Billion Probiotics, Women’s Probiotics, and SBO Probiotics. If you want even better results I really recommend the Stress Relief Bundle.

Buy Phisician Choice

As an influencer on Instagram I have also tried CBD. The latest CBD I tried from Element Apothec is effective and tastes so good. Use my code for a 10% discount “YENISMONTERREY”. CBD helps me to stay cool and calm. This brand is 100% clean and also has body care and tinctures. Another very affordable CBD I recommend is Alamo Remedy use my code “YenisMonterr”

Buy Element Apothec

  1. I improved my eating habits by eating healthier. I highly recommend  SPLENDID SPOON which 50+ different kinds of ready-made meals that are 100% plant-based. Your weekly meal planning is done with flavorful, plant-based meals, and smoothies delivered to your door according to the plan you have chosen. Order  SPLENDID SPOON by clicking HERE.
Buy Splendid Spoon
Buy Splendid Spoon

I also use 310 Nutrition products. I have gotten great results on recovering my body before the pandemic. I take my coffee with one scoop of my chocolate shake and some almond milk, and it tastes like mocha. I also make my shakes with my greens such as kale or spinach and I love to add some berries. I also add to my shakes the collagen from  310 Nutrition, a powerful anti-aging supplement.  310 Nutrition has wonderful supplements and I love taking their probiotics at night and enzymes with each meal. Their teas also made a huge difference for my body just click HERE.

Buy 310 Nutrition
  1. Since Valentine’s day is approaching I have put a few of my favorite BOX SUBSCRIPTION on my Instagram @yenismonterrey. I love the Kinder Beauty box (Beauty Box). Each month, get $75+ of clean, vegan, and cruelty-free beauty products delivered right to your door. You can save a lot of money with this box because it has a lot of luxurious skincare brands and products for self-care. Click HERE to get this box for Valentine’s 

Another cute box very inexpensive is the Pink Sugar box, where for only $15 you will get 5 premium items that include products such as fun fashion accessories, footwear, and beauty products. Click HERE to get his box for Valentine’s Day.

Buy Pink Sugar Box

A box to change your mindset and connect with positivity is the Goddess Provisions Box which a monthly box that brings good vibes, the law of attraction, guidance, rituals, crystals, books, tools, beauty, snacks, and so much more to nurture your soul. Click HERE to get this box for Valentine’s Day.

Buy Goddess Provisions Box

Another great box subscription that I’m very excited to receive is the snack box from Vegancuts which discovers the most exciting new products from new and established vegan brands. It has 10+ vegan snacks, meal items, and beverages each month. Open the door to vegan snacks for your Valentine’s Day HERE.

Buy Vegancuts Subscription Box

I really hope my faithful readers and new readers find that practicing self-care is really important especially during this pandemic. We lead busy lives so it is essential that when work is finished for the day, we do something for ourselves. At the beginning of this pandemic, I was prioritizing everybody else first. I soon realized how emotionally draining this was so I became more caring of myself and I have been nourishing my body and mind and I wanted to share with you my tips. If you are following on Instagram  @yenismonterrey feel free to DM me.

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