‘Albuquerque TV & Movie Family Vacation Destination’- Breaking Bad & Better Call Saul

There is no place on earth like New Mexico because it is not only mystical and magical but it’s also been said that it is a place where you can feel energy vortexes. I felt so energized visiting Albuquerque that, honestly, I could hardly believe it. I started searching for answers after I suffered an ACL injury in March and I found more clarity after my trip to Albuquerque. I have been having awe-inspiring momentum since my visit.  Albuquerque was a great place to take a grounded family vacation and in addition to relaxing and visiting the sites we also did a film tourism experience. It made such an impression that I decided to write about my itinerary.

Instagram @yenismonterrey timeline in New Mexico

My son is a huge fan of the series “Better Call Saul” and “Breaking Bad,” so I scheduled the “Breaking Bad” tour for him. The “Breaking Bad” tour is one of the most popular tours in Albuquerque. It’s hard to book this tour when you have a larger family, so you must sign up for it several months ahead of your vacation. We also visited filming locations on our own which was super fun. We felt like we were on the series set. We visited “El Camino Restaurant” and “Vintage 423”. We also saw “Hotel Andaluz,” “Hotel Chaco,” and even a Resort+Casino called “Isleta.” We also visited Chuck McGill’s law office “HMM” and even Jimmy and Kim’s apartment complex. I never thought to have so much fun exploring these amazing locations with my family. People in Albuquerque are friendly to tourists, and you feel welcome everywhere we go. The owners of “El Camino Restaurant” were incredible and knowledgeable about the TV shows and Albuquerque’s fast-growing TV & Film development. They encouraged us to visit the new Netflix Studios in Albuquerque, former “ABQ studios.”

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The food in New Mexico is so delicious. It’s a little similar to Texan food, but the flavors of the American Southwest cuisine are so flavorful with the New Mexico “Green Chiles” or “Hatch Green Chiles. We also took a day trip to Santa Fe. I highly recommend “La Choza Restaurant,” which brings generations of traditions with their famous green chile recipes at their adobe headquarters. We strolled in the Santa Fe Railyard Arts District and the picturesque Canyon Road that is home to over a hundred art galleries, studios, and workshops. Next time I visit New Mexico, I plan to stay in Santa Fe because it is dazzling.

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I always plan active activities when I travel because eating out every day during a vacation can make you gain a few pounds plus in addition to having a few drinks here and there. Hence, I always plan some activity to keep us active and engaged. We did a Thanksgiving dayAlbuquerque Turkey Trot,” which has a 5k run/walk, and “little turkey” 1 mile and a tot trot. My teen boy had a blast; he made a fabulous time and even experienced some snow flurries during the race. We also visited the “Petroglyph National Monument” which has an indigenous cultural landscape with sacred symbols. We walked the “Rinconada Cayon” trail which forms a 2.2 mile gorgeous loop. The trail made us feel connected with nature and was a great way to see the petroglyphic drawings drawn on ancient black volcanic rocks in the beautiful New Mexico sun.

We also visited “Sandia Peak” and took the “Sandia Peak Tramway“. I highly recommend buying your tickets online to avoid long lines. This experience was so stunning as you travel in the tram up to the 10,378-foot crest of the Sandia Mountains where a 11,000 square-mile panoramic view awaits. In addition to visiting “Sandia Peak“, we also visited the “Albuquerque Zoo” which is a lovely little zoo to enjoy the sunshine and learn about your favorite animals. I’m an animal lover, and I love to visit zoos.

I’m a big fan of markets, and Albuquerque has a fabulous one called “Sawmill Market” that has a lot of places to eat, from Italian, Asian, Latin, coffee, and much more. This place is amazing. Another similar site is “Tin Can Alley” that has tons of delicious places to eat, shop, music, and more. We also took walks in “Old Town” and even went to the  “Nob Hill District”and visited one location from the TV series “Stranger Things” called “Cafe 66.” My son was excited here with all the neon and 80”s vibes of this awesome place.


We also had such an incredible experience for the whole family at the “Electric Playhouse” that has interactive art and even games for the entire family for all ages. There is a delicious food menu with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. We also could not miss Albuquerque Hotel Parq Central“, which is one of the most well-known haunted locations in New Mexico. This hotel has an incredible history and we had some cocoa, drinks, and appetizers on its fabulous rooftop.

I bet I’m not alone in finding my spiritual journey, especially after 2020. I have become more insightful about not only having a vacation to have fun and relax but to also connect with the energy of a place. I try to plan activities that interest me and look for those that could be enjoyable for the whole family. I’m a person who, when I’m on vacation, likes to plan each day especially when you travel with cranky teenagers. You need to keep them entertained, or your vacation could be a disaster with complaints or boredom; my husband also says there is a quote he admires, which is “Happy Life, Happy Wife,” and honestly, it makes sense when you are married because single people don’t understand how hard it’s to keep everyone happy in a family and especially when you travel. My husband didn’t travel much as a child, and I traveled to the same two places for many years growing up, so I changed this dynamic in my own family. Traveling and knowing new destinations have become my motto to create meaningful memories to fulfill our common journeys and get to know one another better.

My family had a blast, and I’m so happy it was a success because everyone got to do their favorite things.

Feel free to ask me any questions on my Instagram @yenismoterrey on DM. I’ll be happy to help you with your plans to visit Albuquerque.

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