Human Connection “Love”- ‘Destiny Candle Karen Michelle’

Today is Valentine’s day which is a very special day to spend with someone you love. I’m devoted to love every day, but during Valentine’s there is a channel of love that connects the whole planet with the most powerful energy of “human connection.” If you alone give yourself love, buy yourself a gift – especially candles to open the chakras of amour.

I have an intimate relationship with candles and they are very meaningful in my household. Each essence I choose is part of my therapy to lift my spirit, connection, and above all romance. I have partnered with Destiny Candle Karen Michelle to offer my followers love today with my  @destinycandle  CODE: “BEMINE25” for a 25% off, in addition, there is a surprise jewelry inside every candle valued from $10 to $10,000.

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I have been loving my candles from Destiny Candle Karen Michelle, they are excellent for massages to achieve inner balance, connection, and relaxation. Today during Valentine’s rekindle the romance.

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Nothing gets that “fire” burning again like an intimate, scented oil massage to bring your relationship to another level. Increase the passion by giving each other a soothing massage with an oil candle that is really different and exciting for a couple. If you are married I would recommend finding a cozy place around the house different than the bedroom to get out of your daily routine! Instead of the bedroom where you always sleep go to a different place in the house and be creative! Wear sexy lingerie, play relaxing music, put flowers, drink champagne and dim the lights. Light the candle and enjoy its warm glow,  melt-it… and enjoy its fragrant aroma, pour it on… and enjoy its soothing all-natural oil, snuff your candle and carefully, remove your surprise jewelry and unwrap it! Take a photo of it and send to to discover its value!

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Each Destiny Candle is proudly made in the U.S.A with the highest quality of luxurious emollients including coconut, soy, jojoba and apricot oils, aloe vera, vitamin E. Massage oil candles come int the following scents:  Blood orange, strawberry champagne, cherry blossom vanilla, cinnamon vanilla, coconut vanilla, fig bergamot and more.

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Most importantly, Destiny Candle has been clinically tested to be: All natural, non-GMO and cruelty-free.

Thank you for reading,

Yenis Monterrey

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