White with Style – ‘Beautiful White Teeth for Actors’

As an actress in California, Texas and New York, I have been hearing about White with Style @whitewithstyle @insideoutbelle from many actors who have lovely gorgeous teeth and I have decided to give it a try.


Beautiful teeth are very relevant for actors to book their next role and decisive in the commercial world. Smiles are super important and are the passport to get paid more money for having alluring white teeth. It’s so lamentable to see actors with poor dental hygiene. I have seen many pics on Instagram of many attractive actors who have yellow teeth that could be a turn off for many roles.


I’m going to refer to you my promotional coupon code which is ”Yenis” and invite you to join me on my exciting journey of using the “Sparkle White Professional Home Teeth” whitening kit. You will get the “Sparkle White Professional Home Teeth” kit for just $28.00 almost 90% savings since the regular price is the US $ $269.99.


I particularly love coffee and wine. You will see me each morning from Monday to Friday before my workout at the nearest Starbucks and on weekends I may be heading to the Hill Country when I’m in Austin and Napa when I’m in California. I have tried over the counter products such as whitening toothpaste, rinses, flosses, and chewing gum. They are ineffective and I feel so disappointed to lose money and time in products that don’t work. I tried White with Style this week and I’m satisfied with the extraordinary results. I was in a total disbelief since I usually pay more money for products at my dentist office.

What I love about White with Style is that you have a variety of fun flavors from  Mint, Cotton Candy, Strawberry, Coconut, Bubble Mint, Birthday Cake, Sour Apple, Cinnamon, Tangerine, Watermelon, Tropical Blast, Plus Peroxide Free Mint, or Peroxide Free Cotton Candy.



Here some highlights of White with Style :

  • Each kit contains enough gel to whiten your teeth at least 10 times.
  • Get up to 7 Shades Whiter in 1 treatment
  • Good for 10 treatments
  • Set of Custom Trays
  • Mini blue light to activate gel with batteries
  • Shade guideVitamin E Swabs (Not included with any Peroxide Free Variety)
  • Vegan, 99% Kosher
  • Cruelty-Free, BPA Free, Gluten Free, Sensitivity Free
  • Sensitivity Free
  • Made in the USA
  • FDA registered facility


Add a set of FLAVORED TEETH WHITENING PEN TRIO (3 PACK) to your order for only $26.99 They come in three fun flavors and are a quick way to touch up that white smile in between treatments with the Sparkle White Teeth Whitening Kit.

Here the teeth Whitening Instructions:

1.- Brush and floss before whitening your teeth

2.- Remove the clear plastic insert from the battery compartment of the LED light. Replace batteries as they were. Turn the light on to test it.

3.- Place a small drop of gel onto each tooth impression on each tray. ( Very small amount)

4.- Repeat for the bottom tray.

5.- Carefully remove any excess gel from your gums with a vitamin E swab before treatment (Peroxide Free kit does not come with Vitamin E Swabs so can use a regular cotton swab).

6.- Place the LED light in front of your trays this will activate the gel and whiten your teeth faster. Keep the trays in for no more than 30 minutes.

7.- After 30 minutes remove the trays and rinse out your mouth. Rinse trays in lukewarm water and store in a clean, dry place.

8.- Use as needed. Do not exceed more than one treatment per week.

9.- for best results use the magic tool prior to whitening (sold separately) and follow up with the Stay White Teeth Whitening Pen (sold separately).

Ok, you are all set! When you receive your kit you will receive special instruction for molding the custom mouth trays. I want to help my amazing followers accomplish their goals and having the most amazing lifestyle with VIP Discoveries codes, deals and discover together what it takes to have an amazing life!

Thank you for reading,

Yenis Monterrey

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