‘Standards & Practices’ Spring and Summer 2018 – Floral Dresses

Hello, all beautiful moms out there! I want to share with you my top secrets in beauty and fashion in my blog “VIP Discoveries” honoring motherhood before Sunday, May 13, 2018. I have been delighted with the clothing from “Standards & Practices,” an inclusive fashion line made to embody femininity and confidence, through modern clothes that you can live your life in. The Nouveau American Glam. What I love about the brand of “Standard and Practices” is that plus sizes are available. This brand is innovative and you don’t have to be super fit to wear a particular outfit; “Standards & Practices,” thinks about women in general, and not like many brands out there that only envision their brand with a particular body type. I can give the same dress I’m wearing right now for mother’s day to my mom, or even my sister who is right now 6 months pregnant, isn’t that great? I’m going to give you my special code to get an extra 25% offYESYENIS25” just go to standardsandpractices.com


Standards & Practices,” has a fabulous spring arrival and I have been wearing one of their gorgeous dresses, a Robin Short Sleeve V-Neck Maxi Dress Peach Pink Floral Print. I look dazzling in this stunning maxi dress, the quality of the fabric is very impressive and lightweight, and is easy to pack inside your suitcase. When you travel, travel light. It has a print with peach, light pink, and coral abstract Japanese blossom as an all-over print and it will be perfect for my summer vacation trip to Japan. I’m so excited about this dress and the fashion I’ll be wearing there! This wrap type dress has short sleeves with splits, and the V-neckline is perfect to accentuate your neck.  Together with the dress, I wore a good-looking gold necklace with amethyst that is very flattering. I love the detail of the slight opening in the front that is perfect for ease of motion. I have a tall SUV I need comfortable dresses to be able to get inside my car. The lightweight fabric, pastel colors, tunic style and florals are very trendy and hot right now. In addition, my shoes in clear see-through plastic are having a moment right now in fashion.

FullSizeRender 278

FullSizeRender 282

FullSizeRender 287

FullSizeRender 290

FullSizeRender 286

FullSizeRender 292

Standards & Practices” is a contemporary brand that I can wear all seasons and has free delivery and returns on orders $50+. I have seen floral dresses in several red carpets in 2018 from Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacob, Gucci, and I feel so inspired by flowers. The best part is that the floral trend will continue during summer with more florals and pretty dresses. You can also buy the design I’m wearing in midi. Standards & Practices,” is fabulous and you can also buy it either maxi or midi in some of the most popular designs. “Standard & Practice” caters to all tastes, sizes, and mood.

FullSizeRender 281

FullSizeRender 285.jpg

FullSizeRender 288

Wishing you all the love, health, and happiness that you so deserve. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers of the world!

You can also buy other floral designs of  Standards & Practices, by clicking one of the images below, buy it on AMAZON


Thank you for reading,

Yenis Monterrey

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