‘Lily Jade’ Designer Diaper Bag – Mother’s Day Sale 2018

Mother’s day should be every day.  Expecting a baby is the dream of many women and getting prepared for the big day is a priority.  It’s crucial to have everything ready for the big arrival. One of the firsts steps for a mom to be is to have a great diaper bag like a Lily Jade Designer Baby Bag.  Right now, Lily Jade is having a Mother’s Day sale on their webpage LilyJade.com

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I’m very stylish everywhere I go, even to the grocery store.  I wish I had a “Lily Jade Designer Baby Bag” a few years ago after I had my son.  I remember looking for the right diaper bag that could fit my lifestyle and I struggled to find the right one.  Now I’m excited for my little sister because I got for her an “Ann Marie Weekender – Brandy & Gold” Lily Jade baby bag as a present for Mother’s Day.  My sister is 5 months along in her pregnancy. She is as trendy, stylish and fashionable as I am and I thought that this baby bag would be the best present for her.  A baby bag has a lot of value for me because the first months of my son life will stay ingrained in my mind as if it were yesterday and I cherish those precious memories.

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The “Ann Marie Weekender – Brandy & Gold” Lily Jade Designer baby bag is the largest bag from Lily Jade.  My sister and I are big travelers and we need big purses, and there is no an exception with a diaper bag. I want her to feel comfortable with her designer bag.  This bag has the highest quality materials and craftsmanship I have ever seen in a diaper bag before, and I’m so happy to be able to give her a gift that she will never forget as her Mother’s Day present in 2018 because I want her to wear the designer bag for many years to come.  One of the features of the bag are extra-long shoulder carry straps and a fully adjustable crossbody strap, so she is able to wear it as a backpack. The storage space you have available is unquestionably one of the important attributes of the diaper bag, you will be able to organize your bag as you wish since you will have plenty of spare space. The craftsmanship of the bag is made of stunning natural tanned leather and signature jade lining. It’s a combination of function and beauty that’s difficult to find anywhere else. I highly recommend this bag!

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I want my sister to be confident with a beautiful designer bag since the first month of being a mom is the most difficult for a woman.  It is the period when we are adapting to a new lifestyle and taking care of the beautiful human being that we created with love. After childbirth women can experience self-esteem issues and struggle with getting back in shape, hormonal changes, and the decision to breastfeed or not.  Another reason I thought it was a great idea to give my sister a gorgeous “Lily Jade” diaper bag, is that she would be able to take the bag to a playdate or even a date with her husband without the necessity of changing purses. I would recommend a neutral color if you desire to use your diaper bag as a multipurpose bag.  The “Ann Marie Weekender – Brandy & Gold” is going to be the perfect unforgettable gift.

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My best friend also has the same diaper bag, and we went shopping last weekend at the mall with her baby.  I carried the diaper bag to make this blog post and I combined the designer baby bag with shoes the same color. I felt great with the “Lily Jade.”  It’s a purse made with pure love for all the moms around the world.

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