Standards & Practices ‘Choker Trapeze Chiffon Dress’ – Discount Code “YESYENIS25”

The “Channing Snakeskin Choker Trapeze Chiffon Dress” from Standards & Practices is a fabulous and bohemian choker/trapeze dress in a dark gray color with flecks of emerald green snake print that has splashes of magenta and lilac. If you are reading this post you can get an extra 25% off with my code “YESYENIS25”

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I wore this amazing, practical and sexy dress to a women’s conference about empowerment in Texas and as soon as I put this dress on, I felt stylish, fresh and genuine. I always use fashion as a way to feel empowered and I feel inspired by all my dresses. If you walk in my closet you will see numerous dresses because I simply love them and it’s my trademark that represents who I am or how I’m feeling. I love the summer collection from Standards & Practices and all the dresses are special because each dress is designed to fit all body types from size 2 to 22. This brand empowers women all around the world at an affordable price.

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This Chiffon Dress is designed in the USA and I particularly adore this dress because it is so playful and portrays my personality this summer. The fabric of this dress is chiffon which is a lightweight material. The dress has an elegant and floating appearance that gives me an ethereal and sensual look.

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I recently learned that the lead designer from Standards & Practices, “Steven Mayor“, has a driven passion for creating designs for all shapes and sizes. I have dresses in my closet for when I lose or gain weight. This is normal for happy women like me, we gain weight occasionally and when we are determined to lose some pounds we just do it. I enjoy traveling and I don’t deprive myself of yummy dishes during my expedition. I’ll be in Japan next month and we all know the Japanese cuisine is one of the best! I said to myself, “I’ll work out when I’m back in the States.” One way to empower ourselves is to love our bodies with confidence and accessorize our outfit of the day for the office, meeting, or date. I accessorized my Choker Trapeze Chiffon Dress with a beautiful necklace that coincidentally had the same pattern of the dress, and I wore matching ivory cream shoes and purse. The same day of the conference I attended a gorgeous Derby social event with my favorite ladies and I wore a purple hat to impress and cheer with a Mint Julep.

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Enjoy this summer with style and let your personality shine with a Standards & Practices dress. Standards and Practices have bold shapes and textures. Shopping online is so easy with Standards & Practices and free shipping and returns after $50+


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