‘Sacred Water Box’ from Goddess Provisions – Protect Yourself from Toxic People

I loved the month of July because it is my lucky month. July is the month of my birthday and when it’s summertime I need to be near to the water. I got the ‘Sacred Water Box from Goddess Provisions’ and I will tell you about my experience with the box. Order your Goddess Provisions Box HERE


When I’m near to the water I feel in peace, recharged, and energized. We need water not only to clean our bodies but also to heal our mind. Sometimes when I feel unbalanced, drained, stressed, or a little off I feel the necessity of being near natural water like the ocean, a river, or a lake! Not a pool with chlorine though, unless is it is a pool with salt water; however, my own bathtub/ jacuzzi is always available for me to allow the flow of energy I need for my body and mind. I plug myself in to recharge like a battery.

Sometimes we pick up energy from other people; for example, I was working this week with a lady who has a lot of personal issues. I felt very overwhelmed in her presence and she was talking without stopping. She sounded so anxious that after a while of listening to her I didn’t feel myself and I felt immediately exhausted. These were warning signs and my intuition was telling me I needed to take steps to avoid my energy being drained. Often, you need to aware of the signs and take actions.   I’m glad I had the Goddess Box “Sacred Water”  handy at home to get my body aligned again. Sometimes we can’t avoid this kind of people who absorb your energy, sometimes called emotional vampires or toxic people because either live or work with them. I needed to replenish my energy ASAP after working with her for a week. The first thing I did was to use the stone that came in my box Sodalite which promotes peace and tranquility and took then I took a delicious bath with a salt called” Mermaid Tea bath from House of Intuition,” and I felt immediately myself again. Then I used the “ Dead Sea Salt Spray” from Coal Miner’s Daughter Sea Salt Spray to finish my energy treatment.IMG_8140


The Sacred Water Box have as follow: 

This box will ship within 5-7 business days.

1.- Mazi Turkish Towel – $20 Value

Use this towel to dry off after swimming, sit on in the sauna, or wear it as a head wrap. Great for a day at the beach, river, lake, or pool.

2.- House of Intuition Bath Salts – $8 Value

Sprinkle a handful of these salts made with soothing herbs and essential oils into your bath water and allow tension to float away.

3.- Love by Luna Nail Polish – $18 Value

This obsidian-infused polish’s deep blue shimmer is dark and mysterious like the ocean. Wear on your nails during times of introspection and healing.

4.- Coal Miner’s Daughter Sea Salt Spray – $12.50 Value

For a wavy beach-ready look, spritz this blend made with dead sea salt, aloe vera, rose-infused coconut oil & ylang-ylang throughout your hair.

5.- Shanti Bar Spirulina Bar – $3 Value

Enjoy this energizing superfood bar made with organic ingredients including spirulina, almonds, dates, chia & hemp seeds.

6.- ArtNaturals Konjac Facial Sponge Set – $10 Value

Made from natural PH balancing plant fibers, these sponges soften in water to gently detoxify, hydrate and exfoliate delicate skin. Great for all skin types.

7.- Sodalite – $5 Value

This stone promotes peace and tranquility amidst murky waters. Carry this stone for a deeper connection to your intuition and as a reminder to trust your instincts.

I’m a little late about my mostly talk about Sacred Waters Subscription box from Goddess Provisions. I traveled to Japan last month for two weeks and a half and I was running a little behind with my reviews!

Goddess Provisions offers different options for you and you can adjust it to your own budget, I particularly love my twelve-month subscription. You can order a single box or you have the option of three, six, or twelve-month subscriptions that won’t auto renew. After selecting the number of boxes, you go to the checkout page. Make sure the “This is a gift” box is selected on the checkout page where you input your payment info. Also, make sure the “Automatically renew this subscription” box is not checked.


Thank you for reading,

Yenis Monterrey

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