‘The Yurtopian Hill Country Resort- Glamping’ – Fall is the Best Time for a Getaway in Texas

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The Texas Hill Country Glamping at ‘The Yurtopian Hill Country Resortoffers luxurious camping for those who enjoy discovering adventures outdoors at a Mongolian Yurt (called a Ger). Discover this oasis in Wimberly and the newest location in Dripping Springs. Did you know that yurts have been the primary home style in Central Asia, particularly Mongolia, for thousands of years?

Yenis Monterrey – ‘The Yurtopian’ in Wimberly

I stayed at the Wimberly location, which is nestled on 26 acres; this location offers both private and communal experiences, and I decided to enjoy the private and secluded options. ‘The Yurtopian‘ has six remote yurts in Wimberly. Each one is private, hidden, and tucked into the hills amongst the cedars & oaks with a delightful rooftop deck with a breathtaking view. Additionally, these yurts are entirely equipped for outdoor adventure with your own hot tub/pool, outdoor TV, great WIFI coverage, AC/heater, towels, and kitchen utensils. It has a spectacular covered outdoor and romantic shower made with natural stones cultivated locally with wooden fencing and floor, a private toilet, and a modern sink. The kitchen is fabulous, with total electricity and plumbing. The outdoor kitchen has a refrigerator, hot plate electric, and a Weber grill to make your caveman BBQ. The outdoor setting of the Yurt also has a gorgeous fire pit to make your s’mores this fall and enjoy a glass of wine, beer or champagne; on top of that, each remote Yurt has a spectacular rooftop deck with a hammock and chairs to enjoy the stargazing, yoga, meditation or a meaningful conversation.

 I stayed at the remote Yurt Cara Ger, accommodating two people with a king-size bed of 314 sq ft. This Yurt is very spacious and comfortable. I honestly felt I was in Bali, but I was just at ‘The Yurtopian‘ 35 mins from my SW suburban home.

The Yurtopian‘ –  I stayed at the remote Yurt Cara Ger
Yenis Monterrey- ‘The Yurtopian‘ –  Yurt Cara Ger

My experience in Cara Ger was unique and special. I needed a short break from the routine. The traffic in Austin is very hectic, and I didn’t know this place was so close for me to take a break. I chose the Cara Ger because it has the most significant “yard” area in the front and back sides of the Yurt for hiking; I love meditating in the woods. I loved exploring the site and the super cute picnic table in the back. If you have a small car ( a low “city” car ), this Yurt is very convenient because it is the closest to the road gate and the most accessible ingress/egress.

Yenis Monterrey- ‘The Yurtopian‘ –  Yurt Cara Ger

My husband and I took a stroll on the property, which was delightful; I regret not booking a couples massage at ‘The Yurtopian Spa‘ Yurt since they offer a spa massage onsite, only at the Wimberly location. My husband has been having a lot of stress at work, and he spends a long time sitting on the computer, and massage could have been so handy for him. The spa yurt has gorgeous outdoor seating to hang out before and after your massage with complementary rainwater. I’ll do the massage next time I’m glamping at ‘The Yurtopian‘.

Glamping at ‘The Yurtopian– Hand Painted Yurts
Glamping at ‘The Yurtopian– Hand Painted Yurts

The Yurt’s design at ‘The Yurtopian‘ is unique and different from any other yurts in Texas because it’s made by an extended family that hand-paints all the beautiful designs on the poles, too center beams. Each Yurt has a “goat door “inside the main gate. When the weather is good, the Mongolians always leave their outer door open, welcoming their neighbors to come in. However, they don’t want to invite the goats into their living space, so the goat doors block the goats, but not the neighbors!

The Yurtopian Wimberly Map-Nestled on 26 acres, Wimberley offers both private and communal experiences
Gaiam Yoga

The endless knot in our logo comes from the Tibetan symbol for connectivity of all creation, connecting the earth to the sky, the people to nature, the people to one another, and the earthly life to the afterlife. 

I love Wimberly; it has so much to offer during this fall weather. Many breweries check here, vineyards check here, restaurants check here, local bars check here, swimming check here, and hiking check here.

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The Yurtopian’ branded YETI mugs and tumblers are for sale. You can take them as a souvenir and they will charge your credit card on file.

We live only once, and staying at ‘The Yurtopian’ and living in the present moment felt very special. ‘The Yurtopian‘ offers the most luxurious and comfortable glamping experience in the hill country with a private setting. I enjoyed watching the birds, taking a night hot tub and enjoying the sunset and sunrise from the rooftop deck. I will be adding another stay soon to my bucket list for this experience, and I highly recommend this location to Texas residents or tourists.

Fun Facts about Yurts- You can live this amazing experience in Wimberly or Dripping Springs at ‘The Yurtopian’

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